Cumulative Dissertations

If intended by the author to use articles from one or more previously published manuscripts (post-print) or from one or more manuscripts accepted or envisaged for publication (pre-print) in the dissertation it is the author's responsibility to ensure that copyright regulations are met.

The rights for a parallel publication in BzPM are to be clarified at If you have any questions please contact the publisher.

The compliance of the copyright regulations have to be clarified in case that articles not yet accepted are to be printed again at a later time with a different publisher. If in doubt the non-exclusive right of use (einfaches Nutzungsrecht) should be ensured. Documentation (screenshot) of copyright regulations is recommended. In some particular cases it might be advisable to ask the publishers for the non-exclusive right of use.

A cumulative literature index would be best.

A continuous pagination of all pages of the dissertation is required. That also applies when compiling individual articles into one work.  An additional pagination might be necessary in that case. Graphics and captions in printable quality are to be inserted into the running text. Please do not attach them to the manuscripts as it is processed with projects carried out by commercial publishers who then would perform layout and pagebreaks tasks. Notwithstanding the above the regulations of the post-prints apply according to which many journals allow to publish and to archive the final version of a manuscript that had been submitted to a publisher in an institutional repository (such as ePIC). These regulations of the respective journals must be clarified via