Contract Research / Industrial Projects

The above mentioned basic and applied research gave rise to the bionic product development ­process ELiSE (short for “Evolutionary Light Structure Engineering”), which optimises structures on the basis biological objects and which is continuously refined.

As structure optimization plays an increasing role in almost all branches of industry in view of the wish to save resources and costs, we work together with companies in various sectors. We offer our cooperation in the area of mutual research via third-party projects, but also for project developments in the frame of commissioned work.

We are active in the following sectors:

The subject of lightweight design has a great potential in engineering because the functions of the mechanisms are very highly developed here, but their efficiency can be considerably improved by lightweight design.

The value of lightweight optimization in the area of aerospace is obvious, but it requires a very high certification effort to establish new developments.

The latter is also true for marine technology, where lightweight design may lead to considerable savings because of the often huge dimensions.

The automobile industry makes every effort to reduce weight and costs because of statutory provisions and fierce competition.

In measurement and installation engineering, many oversized and thus expensive parts are employed, which makes for a great deal of interest in lightweight design.

Housewares, sports goods, and consumer products are often manufactured in large series and shall be improved in handling. Both aspects become more efficient with lightweight design.

Also in medical engineering, lightweight design developments offer the potential to make everyday life easier.

Cooperation in the area of manufacturing engineering is particularly interesting because innovative processes such as Additive Manufacturing (AM) allow for producing very complex forms and thereby better exhaust the potential for lightweight optimization.

In the sector of naval architecture, very innovative solutions were developed for racing yachts and large luxury yachts.

Architecture and design are topics where the design style of the complex, highly aesthetic forms can be combined very harmoniously with their function as high-performance lightweight design.