Continuous Meteorological Measurements

On bord of the research vessel POLARSTERN data of a number of measuring systems and sensors, including the navigation system and sensors from the meteorology, oceanography, bathymetry, and chemie are stored by the DSHIP (former PODAS) data aquisition system. The data are sampled every second as non-validated raw-data in physical units.

Via the DSHIP-data-retrieval software, scientists have direct access to the raw-data archive of DSHIP. In many cases, this service - offered by DSHIP - already satisfies the users, who are interested only in certain data of a distinct voyage.

For other users, the access to the non-validated, non-compressed DSHIP raw-data  is unsufficient. Especially the data of the navigation system and the meteorology observatory of RV POLARSTERN - which are used routinely by a variety of scientists as background information for their one experiments - have to be available easily in a validated and compressed format. For this purpose, a relational database was developed within the framework of the Meteorological Information System at AWI MISAWI. A certain access via PANGAEA is free for any scientific nonprofit use, see sensor and format list. For further information please contact  Gert König-Langlo.