Atmospheric Chemistry and Ozone

The Atmospheric Chemistry and Ozone group investigates chemistry and transport processes with relevance to the stratosphere, with an emphasis on polar ozone depletion and long-term changing ozone.

Our focus is on understanding the processes in the atmosphere by a combination of modelling, measurement campaigns and data analysis.


The ozone layer is an important component of the global environmental system. The absorption of harmful solar UV radiation in the ozone layer protects the biosphere and heats the stratosphere. Thus changes in the atmospheric circulation and in the emission of anthropogenic substances that affect the abundance of ozone in the atmosphere have direct effects on the global climate system. A detailed understanding of the processes that regulate the distribution of ozone in the atmosphere is fundamental for reliable climate predictions and for estimating future UV-levels at the surface - an important parameter for the biosphere.

Campaigns, Measurements & Analyses



Dr. Ingo Wohltmann

Chemical Box Modelling
Dr. Ralph Lehmann

Ozone / Match
Dr. Peter von der Gathen