...from school directly to AWI...

At AWI, our doors are always open to young people who want to learn and explore the many exciting possibilities for a career in science.  Whether you wish to become a scientist, a scientific technician, research assistant or any one of a number of roles supporting the scientific mission, there are many paths that lead from school directly to AWI. You can do a "normal" school internship with us, or you can even "go to school" with us if you want to learn and research differently in your last three years of High School. And you can also start vocational training with us after school in any one of a number of apprenticeships. If you enrol at university and want to get a ‘taste’ of life at the AWI in your spare time, you can also volunteer with us. We also offer class visits for teachers and students by appointment. For more information about these possibilities, please explore the links from this page.

... for an internship

We offer internships for High School students. How to apply, which deadlines are important...you can find all details at our website "as Trainee".

... as HIGHSEA scholar

As a HIGHSEA student, you will prepare for your A-levels at the AWI.  How to apply, which deadlines are important...you can find all details on our website "as HIGHSEA Scholars".

... for an apprenticeship

We train in many different professional fields. Find details regarding our vocational training professions under this link.

... for voluntary services

You can apply for FÖJ - Voluntary Environmental Gap Year. Application deadlines and locations are listed on our website "as Volunteer".

... into the student laboratories

See all details on our website "as Teacher".

... Future Day

See details here.