Project support (Guests & Partners)

For a smooth and successful stay at the centre for scientific diving, please follow these 6 steps:

1. Register as a guest scientist at the AWI on Helgoland. Your contact for that is Eva-Maria Brodte.

2. Book your accomodation in one of our AWI guesthouses with the help of Kathrin Böhmer ( Tel.: 04725-819 3282) or Renate Beißner ( Tel.: 04725-819 3223).

3. If you need diving support, gear or boats please let us know before your arrival.

4. Please register your cargo/gear after arrival and before leaving the island at Helgoland customs duty. You have to complete a freight and packing list in advance and present both together with your freight. If you need to transport larger freight from the ship to the centre for scientific diving let us know as we have to organize a transport with the local logistics EMT.

5. We would be happy if you could provide a short report of your project, containing 2 or 3 pictures so that we can upload it on the NEWS webpage of the centre for scientific diving.

6. After your stay we would be happy to get some feedback!