Organisation Chart

The following Organisation Chart shows the organizational structure of the Alfred Wegener Institute. Please click for more information on the individual fields.


        Potsdam              |          Sylt              |     Helgoland

Prof. Dr. B. Diekmann     |     Dr. K. Mölter     |     NN

Internal Boards
Scientific Council
Ombudsman | Equal Opportunities Officer
Staff Council

International Offices |
National Offices

User Boards for Large Equipment

Scientific Divisions, Technologies and Services

Infrastructure /

Scientific Workshop
Dr. J. Lemburg

Corporate Finances
C. Ungermann

Administration and Organization
M. Bong

Construction and Facility Management
M. Krüger

Technology and Environmental Protection
G. Tautorat

Research Support
Dr. L. Henning

Junior Research Groups

Dr. J. Müller
Prof. Dr. H. Lantuit
Dr. M. Langer

Prof. Dr. I. Weikusat
Prof. Dr. G. Grosse

Prof. Dr. S. Trimborn


Dr. M. Iversen

Dr. C. Meunier

Dr. T. Laepple    Dr. H. Goessling

Knowledge and technology transfer

Earth System Knowledge Platform
Dr. G. Krause


Status: January 2018