Biota orders

The research community is able to order biota sampled by the AWI center for scientific diving.

We distinguish between shipping orders, and orders for local courses and guest researchers:

All orders must use the BAH biota order form, and should be submitted by email at least 14 days before the biota are needed to ensure in-time delivery. Please fill out the request form as complete as possible and specify your needs as precisely as possible. You can track the process of your order in the Biota order book.

Shipping orders are priced by the biota shipping service by catalogue.

For local orders a nominal fee of 60 Euro is asked for biota orders per ½ day of sampling[1]. If possible, individual orders are arranged as group samplings to minimize the costs per single order. The total fee for all biota orders during your stay is charged at the end of your stay at the BAH.

If you (or a member of your visiting group) are certified as „geprüfter Forschungstaucher“ or „European Scientific Diver“, you are welcome to join our dive team for biota sampling around Helgoland. In this case, no nominal fee is charged for the sampling. If you want to join the AWI dive team, please contact the AWI Center for Scientific Diving at least 4 weeks prior to your planned stay (

[1] Please be aware, that sampling biota around Helgoland by scientific divers requires a full dive team (three divers) and additional ship logistics. The minimal fee accounted for the biota delivery service from 2009 on by the AWI never covers these costs but allows us to provide this unique service on a long-term scale.