Work life balance

Family Office

For AWI, the work life balance is very important. As an international research centre, we face the challenges of the 21st century.

Our idea of mutual success is to keep in mind professional interests as well as the families’ needs at all times.

This family-friendly attitude is important to us.

In brief

Our self-conception

We understand ourselves as service providers in your interest. We take your wishes very seriously and offer our support in Bremerhaven as well as on Helgoland, in List on Sylt and in Potsdam.

You may contact us any time!



Our nurseries

We offer places in day care centres in Potsdam and Bremerhaven. The children’s playing, laughter and individual development are matters close to our hearts!

The holiday programme

For our employees’ children, we provide a multi-week in-house holiday programme, which combines education with fun and adventure.

Reconciliation of work and care

Flexible care

When people who are close to you are seriously ill or when your parents grow old, you sometimes need help. We will readily give advice and be your central contact partners in Bremerhaven.

Your contact persons

You need help because regular childcare is cancelled: Our flexible care will be on hand with help and advice.