Environment Protection Seminar


The regulations of the German "Act implementing the Protocol of Environmental Protection to the Antarctic Treaty of 4 October 1991" require that every expedition participant, who is traveling to the Antarctic Treaty area south of 60°S under a German permit, has to be briefed about the rules of environment protection.

For this reason, the Alfred-Wegener-Institute offers an annual seminar entitled "Environment Protection in Antarctica" before the beginning of the Antarctic season. The seminar is being held in German. The participation in this seminar is compulsory for everyone visiting Antarctica under a German permit. Each seminar participant will receive a certificate of unlimited (life-long) validity.

This certificate (or a copy thereof) has to be produced in Antarctica whenever asked.

Persons which participate on an Antarctic expedition under a foreign permit are not required to participate at the seminar, but they might have to attend a similar seminar in their home country, if that is required by their national legislation.


COVID-19 pandemic update

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, unfortunately no seminar "Environmental protection in Antarctica" will be offered in 2020. Persons who will travel to the area covered by the Antarctic Treaty (south of 60°S) in the coming season 2020/21 to do research/work there and who have not yet attended the seminar will be trained by the respective expedition or station leader on site.

Please note that in contrast to the certificate of seminar participation, which is valid for life, the ad hoc training on site is only valid for a single visit to Antarctica and does not cancel the obligation to attend the seminar. If a person trained on site travels to Antarctica again, the obligation to attend the seminar "Environmental Protection in Antarctica" will apply again.



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Next date: 2021