The costs of an experiment with OBS depends mainly on the number of instruments used and the duration of deployment. They can be devided into consumables (anchor, small parts and batteries), insurance and services (mobilisation, demobilisation and transports). Additionally, one or two experienced technician are required on board for deployment and recovery.

Important! Please note, the amounts given in the tables below are for orientation only. These are estimates (as at January 2021) without value-added tax (19%).

Batteries see extra table
Anchor and small parts 500 EUR / OBS
Mobilisation / Demobilisation 1000 EUR / OBS
Insurance 3000 EUR / OBS
Technical support onboard 750 EUR / day / person + travel expenses
Transports not applicable



Depending on the number of batteries, the standard OBS can be used in two configurations, a small version with only one pressure tube (max. 84 cells) and without the outer floating units, and a large (normal) version including two pressure tubes (max. 168 cells) and the outer floating units.

Alkaline cells are suggested to be used for short-term experiments. Battery packages of 48 and 96 cells each supply a deployment duration of 28-118 days (sampling rate 500 Hz) depending on the data logger used.

Number of cells Capacity MCS Capcity 6D6 Price / unit Configuration
48 28 days 59 days 400 EUR small
96 55 days 118 days 800 EUR small


Lithium cells are recommended to be used for long-term experiments. Each pressure tube has a capacity of 84 cells. Depending on the data logger used a maximum deployment duration of 432 days can be achieved (sampling rate 50 Hz). The expenses of the lithium cells stongly depend on the number ordered.

Number of cells Capacity MCS Capacity 6D6 Price / cell Configuration
1 x 84 185 days 432 days 15-20 EUR small
2 x 84 370 days not available 15-20 EUR large



An OBS long-term deployment needs several transports. Before deployment, the OBS and the auxiliary equipment will be sent in standard 20' containers. Each container can take hold of 12 OBS and the auxiliary equipment. After deployment, the auxiliary equipment and empty boxes have to be sent back, either in a container or as packaged goods. Before the second cruise to recover the OBS, the auxiliary equipment has to be shipped to the port, the OBS will be sent back in containers to AWI after the cruise.



Long-term deployment: 24 OBS, one year deployment, two cruises of 15 days, two technicians per cruise

Anchor /small parts 24 OBS x   500 EUR 12000 EUR
Batteries 24 OBS x 3000 EUR 72000 EUR
Insurance 24 OBS x 3000 EUR 72000 EUR
Mob / Demob 24 OBS x 1000 EUR 24000 EUR
Transports 2 x 2 containers + 2 x packaged goods 20000 EUR
Technician 2 technicians x 2 cruises x 15 days x 750 EUR 45000 EUR
Sum (without travel expenses and VAT) 245000 EUR