The application for both onshore and offshore seismometer is possible by a PDF form. Please complete the form and send it back together with a short project summary (1-2 pages, pdf-file). The summary should include a description of the planned work, a station map, a rough time schedule and information about funding and ship time. Your request will then be handled by the external steering board and the internal advisory board. The steering committee meets twice a year, the next meeting will be held in October 2020. Please submit your application until 30. September 2020.

Onshore seismometer: External steering board

Wolfgang Rabbel, Kiel (Vorsitzender)
Stefan Buske, Freiberg
Frank Krüger, Potsdam
Joachim Ritter, Karlsruhe
Bülent Tezkan, Köln
Christine Thomas, Münster

Onshore seismometer: Internal advisory board

Christian Haberland, Potsdam
Torsten Dahm, Potsdam
Charlotte Krawczyk, Potsdam
Oliver Ritter, Potsdam
Frederik Tilmann, Potsdam
Michael Weber, Potsdam

Ocean-bottom seismometer: External steering board

Frank Krüger, Potsdam (Chairman)
Torsten Dahm, Potsdam
Ernst Flüh, Kiel
Wolfgang Friederich, Bochum
Céline Hadziioannou, Hamburg

Ocean-bottom seismometer: Internal advisory board

Wilfried Jokat, Bremerhaven
Mechita Schmidt-Aursch, Bremerhaven