6.-7. Dezember

Ingmar takes part in the 2nd Data Science Symposium @ AWI in Bremerhaven.

6. December 2018

Josefine gives a public lecture on climate change and permafrost degradation in the Arctic at the Klimawerkstatt Spandau .

30. November -  1. December 2018

Loeka, Clara and Josefine take part in the 10th meeting of the working group permafrost oft he German Society of Polar Research in Bremerhaven. The national conference starts with a workshop on „The Art of Proposal Writing“ organized by PYRN and APECS.


31. October 2018

The ERC PETA-CARB Project reached its official project end. Over the last 5 years, our team, the involved students, and the many scientific collaborators embarked on a long and successful journey to better understand and quantify the role of permafrost carbon and rapid permafrost thaw for the carbon cycle. We thank all who contributed to this effort! Many important scientific publications and datasets resulted from this effort. Additional publications based wholly or in parts on data from the PETA-CARB project are in the works. Stay tuned...


19.-20. October 2018

Josefine takes part in the Arctic Circle Assembly in Reykjavík/ Iceland.

17.-19. October 2018

Guido, Anne and Alexandra attend the symposium on 20 years Lena Delta expeditions. At the symposium we look back at 20 years german-russian research, present current results and talk about new research foci.

10.-14. September 2018

The 15th International Circumpolar Remote Sensing Symposium takes place in Potsdam. A big group of AWI-employees, together with external partners, organised the Symposium and carries it out. Guido, Frank, Ingmar, Matthias, Sebastian and Alexandra participate in the symposium and present their work either in oral or poster presentations.

1. September 2018

Clara Rutkowski starts a master thesis on „Quantifying mercury in deep ice-rich Yedoma permafrost in Siberia“; she is supervised by Jens and Josefine.

27. August 2018

Guido presents a talk on „Remote sensing of permafrost landscapes“ at the international summer school of the Vernadsky Foundation at Schloss Schmarsow.

7. August 2018

Ingmar and Guido co-author a joint-paper in Global Change Biology on the expansion of beaver habitat into the tundra in north-western Alaska.
This paper was captured by several media including local to national newspapers, online journals and radio stations. Here you can listen to the two radio interviews for WDR5 and Deutschlandfunk (both in german): WDR5 | Deutschlandfunk

29. July – 04. September 2018

Matthias und Alexandra conduct field work in the Lena Delta in Siberia. The aim of the expedition is to sample permafrost soil and collect field-spectrometry measurements.

25.-27. July 2018

Loeka and Alexandra attend the Helmholtz PhD days – NextGen – in Potsdam. The topic of the PhD days is Big Data.

21. July – 10. August 2018

Field work in Northern Alaska leads Guido, Josefine, Juliane and Michael to the Teshekpuk Lake Observatory. The aim to investigate submarine permafrost of very quickly eroding Arctic coasts, as well as the water chemistry, sediments and succession states of very dynamic thermokarst lake systems.

Josefine and Michael stay another week in Fairbanks to open and sample another 20 m sediment core in the frame of Josefine`s postdoc project at the University of Alaska Fairbanks.

15.-23. July 2018

Josefine presents paleodynamics of thermokarst lakes at the SCAR & IASC Conference POLAR2018.

23. June – 1. July 2018
PETA-CARB at the Mont Blanc: Jens , Frank, Josefine, Ingmar, Matthias, and Michael presented their work at the European Conference on Permafrost (EUCOP5) in Chamonix-Mont Blanc in France. By organizing sessions and side meetings, PETA-CARB has actively shaped the conference program.

12.-14. June 2018

Alexandra attends the Google Earth Engine Summit 2018 in Dublin.

9. June 2018

By presenting experiments and lectures during the Long Night of Science, Loeka, Matthias, Ingmar, Michael and Josefine bring recent permafrost research closer to the interested audience

05.-08. June 2018

Lydia and Alexandra participate in the AWI PhD days on Sylt and present their PhD projects.

1. June 2018

Josefine got elected as chair of APECS Germany.

31. May 2018

On May 31st 2018 Ingmar Nitze defended his PhD Thesis with the title: Remote Sensing of Rapid Permafrost Landscape at the University of Potsdam.

28.-29. May 2018

Josefine teaches on the topic of permafrost degradation and feedbacks of thermokarst systems in the POMOR M.Sc. program at the St. Petersburg State University.

23.-24. May 2018
Guido, Anne, Jens, Frank, Josefine, and Ingmar participate in a retreat of “senior” scientists of the Periglacial Research Section.

18.-19. April 2018

Frank teaches on the topic of permafrost dynamics and remote sensing in the POMOR M.Sc. program at the St. Petersburg State University.

10. April 2018

Ingmar and Guido co-author a joint-paper in Scientific Data and Scientific Reports on past and future tundra vegetation response on climate change.

8.-13. April 2018

Josefine co-convenes a session on „Glacial and Permafrost Systems under climate change: State, Risks and Mitigation Measures“ at the European Geosciences Union (EGU) General Assembly, Vienna/Austria, and presents on lake change in northern Alaska.

26. March 2018

Sophie Ertel starts a M.Sc. thesis on the topic of „Lake initiation and ecosystem change: A paleoenvironmental reconstruction from sedimentary records in Goldstream Valley, Alaska“; she is supervised by Josefine und Juliane.

25. March 2018

Loeka and Josefine organize an APECS Workshop on the topic of “Getting involved in Polar Organizations: Opportunities and Challenges” in the frame of the International Polar Conference in Rostock.

19.-22. March 2018

Guido, Josefine and Michael are heavily involved in the center-wide evaluation of AWI. The result is „outstanding“.

31. January - 2. February 2018

The PETA-CARB team meets for a project retreat, where further ideas and orientations for the remaining project duration are discussed, defined and prepared.



3.–13. September 2017

Anne and Sebastian are carrying out field work in the Lena Delta as part of the Lena Delta Expedition 2017.

4.–9. September 2017

At the "7th ESA Advanced Training Course on Land Remote Sensing", Szent István University, Gödöllő, Hungary Ingmar wins the poster award in the category "Hydrology and Climate Change".

6. July 2017

Jens presented first results of the "West Alaska 2016 Summer expedition" and a gave an invited plenary talk on "Carbon in Deep Permafrost" at the 2nd Asian Conference on Permafrost (ACOP2017), held in Sapporo, Japan.

5.-8. June 2017

Guido, Frank and Anne participated in the Pushchino Permafrost Conference «Earth's Cryosphere: Past, Present and Future» in Pushchino, Russia. Frank is featured in a TV report about the conference.

17.-18. May 2017

Guido, Jens, Frank and Josefine participate in a retreat of “senior” scientists of the Periglacial Research Section.

5.-6. May 2017

Guido and Josefine are invited to the 1st Our Common Future Youth Congress of the Robert Bosch Foundation. A report in German is available here.

6. April 2017

Guido and Josefine co-author a paper in Palaeo3 on diatom and tephra mineralogy in pingo deposits in Western Alaska.

3. April 2017

Matthias begins his 7 months research stay in Fairbanks Alaska. As a guest scientist at the University of Alaska Fairbanks he works with Prof. Walker at the Alaska Geobotany Center on landscape classification and estimation of the permafrost soil organic carbon pool.

2.-28. April 2017

Jens, Guido and Michael conduct field work on Bykovsky Island in Siberia. This drilling campaign aimed to retrieve frozen and unfrozen sediment cores, ice cores as well as geophysical data from Bykovsky Peninsula.

2.-7. April 2017

Josefine travels to Prague for the Arctic Science Summit Week 2017 and presents her activities as IASC Fellow and APECS Vice-President.

6.-26. March 2017

Josefine conducts field work in Central Alaska together with GFZ colleague Matthias Winkel. In the frame of her new postdoc project and in close collaboration with the University of Alaska Fairbanks she investigates carbon accumulation rates in lakes of Goldstream Valley. 11 lakes were cores and a total length of about 60 m were reached in winter conditions of below -30°C.

9. - 11. February 2017

PETA-CARB in Switzerland. Guido, Frank, Jens, Josefine, Lydia, Ingmar, Michael, Loeka, Matthias, present their research at the annual meeting of the "Working Group Permafrost" of the German Society for Polar Research in Einsiedeln.


13. December 2016

Matthias received a SNF-fellowship for a research stay in Fairbanks, Alaska.

11. - 16. December 2016

Matthias, Jens, Frank and Guido attended the Permafrost Carbon Network Meeting and the AGU Meeting in San Francisco and presented the latest results of the PETA-CARB group.

25. November 2016

Josefine successfully defended her doctoral thesis entitled „Thermokarst in Central-Eastern Beringia – Insights from permafrost and lacustrine sediment cores“ at the University of Potsdam.

01. October 2016

Josefine was appointed as an ExCom member of the Association of Polar Early Career Scientists (APECS).

01. September 2016

Prof. Dr. Guido Grosse is appointed Head of the AWI Potsdam Section Periglacial Research and is taking over the position from retiring Prof. Dr. Hubberten. At the same time, Guido continues to lead the ERC Research Group.

07. August - 06. September 2016

PETA-CARB in Siberia. As a part of the expedition “LENA 2016”, Frank and Lydia travel in an international team to Sobi-Sise Island in the Lena River Delta and Bykovsky Peninsula. They continue terrestrial laser scanner measurements for the monitoring of surface subsidence due to permafrost thaw and collect surface water samples to analyse dissolved organic carbon (DOC) in thermokarst lakes in the Yedoma region.
06.-24. August 2016

PETA-CARB in the field. Guido, Jens, Matthias, Ingmar and Josefine are on the expedition “West Alaska 2016” in the Kotzebue region and Central Seward Peninsula. With the aim to reveal carbon stocks and rapid landscape changes and together with their good old colleague Ben Jones (USGS) they hunt for yedoma, delta and lake sediments and carry out aerial surveys.

July 2016

Guido and Anne travel to the north Siberian Lena Delta for field work and investigate the changing landscapes and associated carbon pools due to thermokarst and thermal erosion.

26. June – 2. July 2016

Dr. Valentin Spektor from Melnikov Permafrost Institute Jakutsk is guest at AWI in the PETA-CARB Team. Together with Jens, Sebastian, Guido, Frank and Matthias, Valentin is continuing to work on products of the Yedoma Action Group.

17. -24. June 2016

11th International Conference on Permafrost in Potsdam.

The entire PETA-CARB Team participated at the conference and presented 8 posters and had 5 oral presentations as first author and more than 30 contributions as co author during the conference as well as organized two – and contributed to five – conference workshops. Check out ICOP2016 and Epic for more information about the conference and the PETA-CARB Contributions.

16. June 2016

Josefine submitted her dissertation entitled "Thermokarst dynamics in central-eastern Beringia: Insights from permafrost and lacustrine sediment cores" to the University of Potsdam.

10. June 2016

Ingmar and Matthias created a Frostbyte (short video) about their ongoing research projects for the 11th International Conference on Permafrost in Potsdam. Check it out
Frostbyte of Ingmar:
Frostbyte of Matthias:

01. June 2016

Josefine's paper "Evidence of multiple thermokarst lake generations from an 11 800-year-old permafrost core on the northern Seward Peninsula, Alaska" is published online in the Journal Boreas.

09. - 13. May 2016

Guido, Frank, Ingmar and Matthias participate at the ESA Living Planet Symposium 2016 in Prague. They present their ongoing work on remote sensing in permafrost environments in the Cryosphere poster session.

02. May 2016

Lydia applied successfully for a doctoral scholarship from the Potsdam Graduate School. The funding will begin in September for 36 month.

01. May 2016

Guido has been appointed by the Brandenburg Ministry for Science, Research, and Culture as a W3-Professor. The focus of the joint professorship appointment between AWI and the University of Potsdam is "Permafrost in the Earth System".

20. - 22. April 2016

The PETA-CARB Team paticipated in a three-day group retreat. Beside teambuilding activities new interesting project ideas have risen due to group work.

14. March 2016

Guido is co-author of the publication "Pan-Arctic ice-wedge degradation in warming permafrost and influence on tundra hydrology" (Liljedahl et al 2016) in Nature Geoscience, that is subject of a press release of AWI.

07. March 2016

Together with Boike et al. Frank published an journal article in Global and Planetary Change about remote sensing-based monitoring of permafrost landscapes in Central Yakutia (Russia), a key investigation area of the PETA-CARB project. The article has been featured also in the Earth System Knowledge Platform (ESKP).

04. March 2016

Guido and Frank co-authored the paper by Obu et al. which was published today in Geomorphology. The study on arctic coastal erosion  highlights the great potential of repeat laser scanning for analysis of modern permafrost thaw dynamics.

26. January 2016

We have an open PhD student opportunity for a 3-year project in the field of Arctic permafrost research with an emphasis on geophysical and modeling investigations of subaquatic permafrost thaw. Please check it out here.

25. January 2016

PETA-CARB team members Guido, Ingmar, Sebastian, and Frank together with additional AWI researchers (Birgit Heim, Antonie Haas, Julia Boike) will participate in a newly funded ESA project called GlobPermafrost. The project kickoff meeting is taking place today.The team members will work on 2 work packages, one focusing on Disturbance Detection using dense satellite image time series and one focusing on developing an online Permafrost Information System. Both work packages are highly synergistic with ERC PETA-CARB goals.

22.-24. January 2016

Josefine, Matthias, Ingmar, Katharina, Darshan and Jens present their research at the annual meeting of the "Working Group Permafrost" of the German Society for Polar Research (in German).

19. January 2016

Our PETA-CARB Team received a new DAAD grant under the Germany/Hong Kong Joint Research Scheme to conduct personnel and research exchange with the City University of Hongkong over the next 2 years. The project “Synergistic Investigations of Surface Deformation in Permafrost Areas Using Field and Remote Sensing Observations”, jointly proposed with Prof. L. Liu of the CUHK and co-financed by the Hongkong Research Grants Council is focusing on optical and radar remote sensing for observations of permafrost thaw subsidence in the Arctic and on the Tibetan Plateau.


17. December 2015 

For his outstanding scientific contributions in his doctoral thesis, Jens was awarded the Doktorandenpreis of the AWI-Förderverein.

14.-18. December 2015

Guido and Jens present their research and chair sessions at the AGU Fall Meeting in San Francisco, USA.

13. December 2015

As a lead of the „Deep Permafrost Carbon Synthesis“ Jens gives a talk and the annual meeting of the Permafrost Carbon Network in San Francisco, USA. Together with Guido, Jens is leading a breakout session on this topic.

10. November 2015

Together with colleagues from the US, Canada and Russia, Jens published a paper on riverbank erosion of a permafrost cliff in the journal Geomorphology.

At the PACES II Topic 1 (Changes and regional feedbacks in Arctic and Antarctic) meeting in Bremen Frank gave a highlight talk within workpackage 3 (Degrading permafrost landscapes; carbon, energy and water fluxes) about the works on Muostakh Island in the Siberian Arctic.

19. Oktober 2015

We welcome our guest scientists Louise Farquharson from the University of Alaska Fairbanks and Alexandra Veremeeva from the Laboratory of Soil Cryology (Institute of Physicochemical and Biological Problems in Soil Sciences, RAS) in Pushchino. Both will work on their samples and data taken during our joint expeditions to Alaska and Siberia.

05. Oktober 2015

Guido and Jens published a paper on permafrost carbon-climate feedback modelling, published online in the journal  Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society A today.

19.-23. September 2015

Josefine partcipated as IASC Fellow in the GTN-P workshop and GeoQuébec 2015, Canada

17. September 2015

Jens gave a lecture on "Permafrost and Climate Change" during a training activity for teachers of the subjects history, politics or geographie.

16. September 2015

Frank participates in the student contest “Exploring the Arctic — 2015” as invited jury member. The best project ideas were recognized during the V International Meeting of the Arctic Council member countries, Arctic Council Observer States and International Academic Community in Arkhangelsk/Russia.

11. September 2015

Josefine gave a presentation on "The Story behind: Alaskan lake cores reveal permafrost landscape dynamics" at the Faculty of Earth Sciences, University of Iceland.

3. September 2015

After a successful field campaign on Sobo-Sise in the eastern Lena Delta and on the Bykovsky Peninsula, our expedition team has safely arrived in Potsdam, Yakutsk, Pushchino, and Hamburg. First results were presented shortly after by Frank and Alexandra at the International Conference Permafrost in the XXI Century in Pushchino (Russia).

11. August - 12. September 2015

Josefine realized a research stay with Prof. Steffen Mischke at the University of Iceland.

10. August 2015 A multi-disciplinary Russian-German-Spanish expedition team led by Frank leaves for field work to the Lena Delta region. The focus is on permafrost thaw subsidence, thermokarst dynamics, and organic matter investigations.

06. August 2015

Following the PETA-CARB expedition, Matthias participated in the Summer School „Alaskan Soil Geography Field Trip“ offered by the University of Alaska Fairbanks from the 28.7. – 6.8.2015. The course, led by Dr. C.L. Ping, focused on analyzing, describing and classifying different permafrost soil types along the Dalton Highway in Alaska.

24. July 2015 A paper on methane oxidation following submarine permafrost degradation by Overduin et al., that Frank co-authored, has been featured in a commentary in Nature.

08. July 2015

After a nine-hour-trip from Fairbanks to the north through the Alaskan Taiga often blackened by forest fires, the PETA-CARB Team exceeded the Arctic Circle and spent a night in the Toolik Field-Station. Today the Team is going by truck to Deadhorse and form there together with US-colleagues and expedition freight to lake Teshekpuk by small airplane.

6. July 2015

Guido and Josefine published a paper on past permafrost dynamics in Western Alaska, published online in Permafrost and Periglacial Processes.

02. July 2015

PETA-CARB team members Frank, Matthias and Ingmar are leaving to join Guido for field work in Northern Alaska.

05. June 2015

Thomas, Guido and Jens published a paper on permafrost carbon flux modelling, published online in the journal Biogeosciences today.

18.-22. May 2015

Frank und Josefine are involved in organizing the PAST Gateways conference and workshop 2015 in Potsdam. They both give a talk on their research.

29.-30. April 2015 Frank attends the 7. RESA Workshop at the German Aerospace Center (DLR) in Bonn/Germany. Within the RapidEye Science Archive the Lena Delta is one of four special areas worldwide with enhanced acquisition frequency.

22.-23. April 2015

Josefine receives an IASC Fellowship in the Terrestrial Working Group and particpates in the Arctic Science Summit Week 2015 in Toyama/Japan.

15. April 2015

Jens authors a paper on Yedoma and thermokarst organic carbon quality, published online in the journal Biogeosciences today.

01. April 2015

We welcome Mr. Sebastian Laboor as GIS technician in the group. He will work in the new Arctic Permafrost Geospatial Centre (APGC).

18. March 2015

Guido and Jens conducted fieldwork in Central Yakutia. Joined by Russian (Melnikov Permafrost Institute Yakustk) and German (Leipzig University) colleagues at the Yukechi field site, our team cored ice-rich permafrost.

01. March 2015

Christiane Nüsslein-Volhard Foundation stipend 2015-2016 awarded to Josefine Lenz.

22.-27. February 2015

Josefine presents her research at the Aquatic Sciences Meeting in Granada/Spain and meets with her field colleagues Ben Jones and Chris Arp from Alaska.

02. February 2015

IASC Fellowship in the Terrestrial Working Group 2015-2016 awarded to Josefine Lenz.

02. February 2015

We offer the topic for a Master Thesis in the PETA-CARB Group: Investigation of spatio-temporal patterns of permafrost thaw and thermokarst using photogrammetrically derived multi-sensor elevation data

01. February 2015

Today the Action Group “The Yedoma Region: A Synthesis of Circum-Arctic Distribution and Thickness”, led by Jens and funded by the International Permafrost Association for 2 years is started.

28. January 2015

Together with colleagues from AWI and Russian research institutions Frank published a paper on coastal erosion and permafrost thaw subsidence on Muostakh Island, North Siberia, in the journal The Cryosphere.

01. January 2015

Jens Strauss joins the PETA-CARB Team as a research associate to work on permafrost carbon quantity and quality-related analyses.


05. December 2014

A new position for a technician / engineer with strong GIS background is offered within the ERC PETA-CARB group. He/she will work in the new Arctic Permafrost Geospatial Centre (APGC) and closely collaborate with AWI GIS and IT personnel. The application deadline is 04. January 2015. 

11. November 2014

Guido gives an invited lecture on Permafrost Degradation in the Department of Soil Science at Hamburg University.

05. November 2014

Frank presents a PETA-CARB poster at the Geo-X Meeting in Potsdam.

03-05. November 2014

Guido participates in a planning meeting of the Thermokarst Working Group in the Permafrost Carbon Network organized in Edinburgh.

23-26. October 2014

Ingmar, Matthias, and Josefine presented their PhD projects at the 7th AK Permafrost Meeting in Munich.

16. October 2014

Among other representatives of Helmholtz institutions engaged in polar science, Frank was part of a delegation visiting the Northern Arctic Federal University in Arkhangelsk (Russia)

15. October 2014

Frank participated in the ceremonial opening of the Russian-German Center for Cooperation in Science and Education at NArFU in Arkhangelsk.

05. September 2014

Guido, Frank, Matthias, and Ingmar conducted fieldwork in Siberia during August. Joined by Russian and German colleagues on Sobo-Sise Island in the eastern Lena Delta, our team cored permafrost soils along several transects, excavated exposures, and surveyed thermokarst landscape features. After a camp move, the PETA-CARB team continued coring and surveying on the northern part of the Bykovsky Peninsula.

25. August 2014

Josefine conducted fieldwork in northern Alaska together with US-based colleagues Ben Jones, Chris Arp, and Carson Baughman. Josefine successfully brought back several thermokarst lake and drained lake basin cores for further laboratory studies in Potsdam.

06. August 2014

The remaining PETA-CARB team travels to Siberia towards the Lena Delta. 

03. August 2014

Josefine is on her way to Alaska to join Ben Jones and Chris Arp in a joint CALON / PETA-CARB field campaign on the Alaska Northslope to sample thermokarst lake sediments. 

01. August 2014

The PETA-CARB team enjoys some bathymetric and data logger equipment testing on a raft on the Havel Lakes around Potsdam with temperatures around 30C. Soaking in the abundance of sunshine will help us survive the coming 4 weeks of tent camp life in Alaska and Siberia, where current summer temperatures are around 5C.

31. July 2014

The PETA-CARB project is featured in a new Helmholtz publiation "ERC Projects and the Stories behind them". A PDF is available for download here.

31. July 2014

The Maerkische Allgemeine Zeitung reports on Research Findings (in German) from the Nature Paper in an article written by Gerald Dietz.

18. July 2014

Based on his expertise for remote sensing and permafrost Frank is interviewed by the journal Spiegel on his opinion of the mysterious 80m crater that was discovered on Yamal Peninsula. 

16. July 2014

Guido co-authors a paper on thermokarst lakes as a millenial-scale carbon sink despite their ongoing methane emissions, published online in the journal Nature today. Here is the AWI press release covering the paper story.

03. July 2014

Guido gives three lectures on Remote Sensing Basics, Remote Sensing of Permafrost, and Thermokarst Lake Dynamics at the International Bachelor Permafrost Summer Field School (AG-218/219) at UNIS, Longyearbyen, Svalbard. The summer field school is part of the University of the Arctic Network.

25. June 2014

Guido gives an invited lecture on Carbon in Permafrost at the Potsdam Summer School "Arctic in the Anthropocene".

18-21. June 2014

Guido and Frank participate in the 4th European Conference on Permafrost (EUCOP) taking place at Evora, Portugal. Guido gives an invited keynote in the Remote Sensing session.

15. May 2014

We welcome Mr. Ingmar Nitze as the second PhD student in the PETA-CARB project. Ingmar will strengthen the team with his background in remote sensing of land cover change and surface processes.

12. May 2014

Guido Grosse gives an invited key note on the impact of thermokarst and permafrost processes on Arctic lowland landscape dynamics at the final CAPP (CArbon Pools in Permafrost) Workshop at Stockholm University, Stockholm, Sweden.

8. May 2014

A news article in the Environmental Monitor covers the 900-mile (about 1400km) Alaska snowmachine expedition.

5. May 2014

After a successful Alaska expedition, the PETA-CARB team now has a large number of permafrost cores and samples from northern Alaska that will shed light on the carbon pools of thermokarst features and river deltas.

3-30. April 2014

Guido is away for the Alaska snowmachine expedition, while Frank and Matthias already started preparing the freight for our summer expedition to Siberia in August.

The Alaska snowmachine expedition is covered in several news columns by team member Ned Rozell in Alaska Dispatch, the Fairbanks Daily News Miner, the Valdez Star, and the Alaska Science Forum.

- Seeking answers in the North Slope's permafrost-thaw lakes (April 5, 2014)

- On the North Slope, a research station comes to life for the summer (April 11, 2014)

- Rugged research in Alaska's Big White Empty tests scientists' resolve (April 19, 2014)

- At remote Teshekpuk Lake, a lovingly restored cabin shelters Arctic researchers (April 25, 2014)

- Three weeks in the saddle, studying climate change in Alaska's Arctic (May 3, 2014) 

1. April 2014

Dr. Thomas Schneider joins the PETA-CARB team for a short 2 month period to work on the large-scale modeling of emissions from thermokarst lake-rich Arctic regions.

31. March 2014

A blog for the April 2014 field expedition to Northern Alaska is now online and will report on our research and progress during the about 1500 km snowmachine traverse: The research and expedition is jointly supported by the National Science Foundation, the Arctic Landscape Conservation Cooperative, the Bureau of Land Management, the US Geological Survey, the European Research Council and AWI. 

18. March 2014

Preparations for upcoming fieldwork in Alaska in April 2014 (joint fieldwork by PI Grosse with Alaska-based colleagues Ben Jones, Chris Arp and Ned Rozell on the Alaska Northslope) and in Siberia in August 2014 (for the first time: the full new ERC PETA-CARB team together with additional AWI and Russian colleagues) are going into a hot phase.

13. March 2014

Guido Grosse gives an invited opening presentation at the THAW 2014 workshop in Quebec City, Canada.

05.-06. March 2014

Frank gives a talk on Multi-sensor remote sensing of coastal erosion and thermokarst dynamics at the 6th RapidEye Science Archive workshop in Bonn.

1. March 2014

We received a large number of applications for three open positions in the ERC PETA-CARB project. After the application and interview process we now welcome the top candidates that emerged and will strengthen the ERC PETA-CARB team with their permafrost, remote sensing, and soil carbon expertise: Dr. Frank Guenther (Postdoc) and Mr. Matthias Fuchs (PhD student). A second PhD student will join the team in mid May - stay tuned.

3-5. February 2014

Guido Grosse participates in the 4th Science Definition Team Meeting of the NASA Arctic Boreal Vulnerability Experiment (ABoVE) field campaign in Washington DC, USA.

29. January 2014

Guido Grosse gives an invited presentation on the role of thermokarst dynamics for permafrost carbon at the seminar series at MPI for Meteorology in Hamburg.

10. January 2014

Application deadline for 2 PhD and 1 postdoc position in the PETA-CARB project.

8. January 2014

An article featuring Guido Grosse's new ERC research project appeared in the European Unions Research & Innovation Magazine EU Horizon.

1. January 2014

The Helmholtz Gemeinschaft announces the release of additional funding to ERC Starting Grant PI Grosse to support extra research related to the PETA-CARB project.


11. December 2013

Guido Grosse gives an invited presentation at the American Geophysical Union Fall Meeting in San Francisco, USA, on "Rapid disturbances in Arctic permafrost regions".

10. December 2013

The opening of three new positions (2 PhDs, 1 Postdoc) in the ERC PETA-CARB project is announced.

8. December 2013

Guido Grosse participates in the 3rd Annual Meeting of the Permafrost Carbon Network in San Francisco, USA.

7. December 2013

Guido Grosse participates in the Next Generation Ecosystem Experiment All Hands Meeting in San Francisco, USA.

3-5. December 2013

Guido Grosse participates in the 3rd Science Definition Team Meeting of the NASA Arctic Boreal Vulnerability Experiment (ABoVE) field campaign in Ottawa, Canada.

1. November 2013

Guido Grosse starts the ERC Starting Grant project PETA-CARB at the Alfred Wegener Institute Helmholtz Centre for Polar and Marine Research, Potsdam.