6.-7. Dezember

Ingmar takes part in the 2nd Data Science Symposium @ AWI in Bremerhaven.

6. December 2018

Josefine gives a public lecture on climate change and permafrost degradation in the Arctic at the Klimawerkstatt Spandau .

30. November -  1. December 2018

Loeka, Clara and Josefine take part in the 10th meeting of the working group permafrost oft he German Society of Polar Research in Bremerhaven. The national conference starts with a workshop on „The Art of Proposal Writing“ organized by PYRN and APECS.


31. October 2018

The ERC PETA-CARB Project reached its official project end. Over the last 5 years, our team, the involved students, and the many scientific collaborators embarked on a long and successful journey to better understand and quantify the role of permafrost carbon and rapid permafrost thaw for the carbon cycle. We thank all who contributed to this effort! Many important scientific publications and datasets resulted from this effort. Additional publications based wholly or in parts on data from the PETA-CARB project are in the works. Stay tuned...


19.-20. October 2018

Josefine takes part in the Arctic Circle Assembly in Reykjavík/ Iceland.

17.-19. October 2018

Guido, Anne and Alexandra attend the symposium on 20 years Lena Delta expeditions. At the symposium we look back at 20 years german-russian research, present current results and talk about new research foci.

10.-14. September 2018

The 15th International Circumpolar Remote Sensing Symposium takes place in Potsdam. A big group of AWI-employees, together with external partners, organised the Symposium and carries it out. Guido, Frank, Ingmar, Matthias, Sebastian and Alexandra participate in the symposium and present their work either in oral or poster presentations.

1. September 2018

Clara Rutkowski starts a master thesis on „Quantifying mercury in deep ice-rich Yedoma permafrost in Siberia“; she is supervised by Jens and Josefine.

27. August 2018

Guido presents a talk on „Remote sensing of permafrost landscapes“ at the international summer school of the Vernadsky Foundation at Schloss Schmarsow.

7. August 2018

Ingmar and Guido co-author a joint-paper in Global Change Biology on the expansion of beaver habitat into the tundra in north-western Alaska.
This paper was captured by several media including local to national newspapers, online journals and radio stations. Here you can listen to the two radio interviews for WDR5 and Deutschlandfunk (both in german): WDR5 | Deutschlandfunk

29. July – 04. September 2018

Matthias und Alexandra conduct field work in the Lena Delta in Siberia. The aim of the expedition is to sample permafrost soil and collect field-spectrometry measurements.

25.-27. July 2018

Loeka and Alexandra attend the Helmholtz PhD days – NextGen – in Potsdam. The topic of the PhD days is Big Data.

21. July – 10. August 2018

Field work in Northern Alaska leads Guido, Josefine, Juliane and Michael to the Teshekpuk Lake Observatory. The aim to investigate submarine permafrost of very quickly eroding Arctic coasts, as well as the water chemistry, sediments and succession states of very dynamic thermokarst lake systems.

Josefine and Michael stay another week in Fairbanks to open and sample another 20 m sediment core in the frame of Josefine`s postdoc project at the University of Alaska Fairbanks.

15.-23. July 2018

Josefine presents paleodynamics of thermokarst lakes at the SCAR & IASC Conference POLAR2018.

23. June – 1. July 2018
PETA-CARB at the Mont Blanc: Jens , Frank, Josefine, Ingmar, Matthias, and Michael presented their work at the European Conference on Permafrost (EUCOP5) in Chamonix-Mont Blanc in France. By organizing sessions and side meetings, PETA-CARB has actively shaped the conference program.

12.-14. June 2018

Alexandra attends the Google Earth Engine Summit 2018 in Dublin.

9. June 2018

By presenting experiments and lectures during the Long Night of Science, Loeka, Matthias, Ingmar, Michael and Josefine bring recent permafrost research closer to the interested audience

05.-08. June 2018

Lydia and Alexandra participate in the AWI PhD days on Sylt and present their PhD projects.

1. June 2018

Josefine got elected as chair of APECS Germany.

31. May 2018

On May 31st 2018 Ingmar Nitze defended his PhD Thesis with the title: Remote Sensing of Rapid Permafrost Landscape at the University of Potsdam.

28.-29. May 2018

Josefine teaches on the topic of permafrost degradation and feedbacks of thermokarst systems in the POMOR M.Sc. program at the St. Petersburg State University.

23.-24. May 2018
Guido, Anne, Jens, Frank, Josefine, and Ingmar participate in a retreat of “senior” scientists of the Periglacial Research Section.

18.-19. April 2018

Frank teaches on the topic of permafrost dynamics and remote sensing in the POMOR M.Sc. program at the St. Petersburg State University.

10. April 2018

Ingmar and Guido co-author a joint-paper in Scientific Data and Scientific Reports on past and future tundra vegetation response on climate change.

8.-13. April 2018

Josefine co-convenes a session on „Glacial and Permafrost Systems under climate change: State, Risks and Mitigation Measures“ at the European Geosciences Union (EGU) General Assembly, Vienna/Austria, and presents on lake change in northern Alaska.

26. March 2018

Sophie Ertel starts a M.Sc. thesis on the topic of „Lake initiation and ecosystem change: A paleoenvironmental reconstruction from sedimentary records in Goldstream Valley, Alaska“; she is supervised by Josefine und Juliane.

25. March 2018

Loeka and Josefine organize an APECS Workshop on the topic of “Getting involved in Polar Organizations: Opportunities and Challenges” in the frame of the International Polar Conference in Rostock.

19.-22. March 2018

Guido, Josefine and Michael are heavily involved in the center-wide evaluation of AWI. The result is „outstanding“.

31. January - 2. February 2018

The PETA-CARB team meets for a project retreat, where further ideas and orientations for the remaining project duration are discussed, defined and prepared.