PETA-CARB in the Media

Here you will find web links to press releases and media reports related to ERC PETA-CARB as well as interviews of PETA-CARB team members.


2018-11-19 In a contribution by rbb Wissenszeit: "Children ask questions" on the subject of "Climate change in the Arctic", some PETA CARB members can be seen and heard.

2018-10-20 Based on an interview with PETA-CARB researcher  Guido Grosse the newspaper Neues Deutschland reports on research on thermokarst lakes and carbon emissions: Wärmeschub aus der Kälte

2018-09-19 The newspaper PNN reports on the 15th ICRSS conference in Potsdam which is organized by Guido Grosse: Thaw at the North Pole (in German only)

2018-09-06 Ingmar, Guido and other colleagues are authors of a guest post "How Arctic lakes accelerate permafrost carbon losses" in the science blog "CarbonBrief".

2018-09-05 A PNN newspaper article reports oncurrent results of a study in the journal Nature Communications to which the PETA-CARB researchers Ingmar Nitze and Guido Grosse contributed: Thaw in the Arctic concerns polar researchers in Potsdam (in German only)

2018-08-07 Ingmar and Guido co-author a joint-paper in Global Change Biology on the expansion of beaver habitat into the tundra in north-western Alaska.
This paper was captured by several media including local to national newspapers, online journals and radio stations. Here you can listen to the two radio interviews for WDR5 and Deutschlandfunk (both in german): WDR5 | Deutschlandfunk


2017-06-21 On the occasion of the Long Night of Science 2017 the article "Campen für die Forschung" Jens was interviewed for, was published.

2017-05-31 The Earth System Knowledge Platform (ESKP), initiated by the Helmholtz Association of National Research Centers, published a comprehensive article about the expedition to Bykovsky Peninsula.

2017-05-16 An other article about the expedition to Bykovsky Peninsula was published in "Wiener Zeitung". 

2017-05-11 The newspaper Tagesspiegel und one day earlier the MAZ published articles about the expedition to Bykovsky Peninsula. Jens, Guido and Michael joined the expedition that succeeded end of April.

2017-02-24 Frank gives an interview with the BBC about rapidly thawing permafrost close to the settlement of Batagay in Yakutia (Russia). The article has been also featured in DIE WELT.

2017-02-03 Jens published a comprehensive article titled "Permafrost: Pandoras Gefrierschrank?" for the BMBF's Year of Science 2016/2017 Seas and Oceans.

2017-01-02 Jens gives an interview in the magazine "radioWelt" in Bayern2 on the subject „Gefahren aus dem Permafrost“.


2016-12-26 rbb infoRadio published an interview with Josefine on the subject "the adventure of science", with rebroadcastings on 2. and 8. January.

2016-12-25 In the newspaper "Welt am Sonntag" an article titled "Die Gefahr die aus der Kälte kam", appears for which Jens was interviewed.

2016-08-08 During the West-Alaska Expedition Guido and Josefine gave an interview at Kotz Radio in Kotzebue.

2016-06-07 At the opening of the Science Year 2016/2017: Seas and Oceans, the Nordsee-Zeitung is focusing on the work of 10 AWI researchers including Frank.

2016-03-04 In an article in the New Scientist about the vanishing of large lakes Guido is one of the interview partners.

2016-02-08 On the radio (98.2 Paradiso) Jens gave an interview on the topic “record erosion on Alaskan riverbank”. This interview is basing on a recently published study in Geomorphology.

2016-02-02 3sat published a film about monitoring of permafrost on the occasion of the start of the ESA GlobPermafrost-Projekt.

2016-01-26 The dpa - Deutsche Presse-Agentur released an article about Jens co-authored paper on an eroding permafrost cliff in Alaska. “ Researchers measure record erosion on Alaskan riverbank” is covered in several regional (e.g. Hamburger Abendblatt, Abendzeitung München, Ruhr Nachrichten, Berliner Zeitung) and nationwide (Focus Online, Süddeutsche Zeitung) news columns. The AWI press release will be translated in English soon.


2015-12-26 Jens reports in a feature "Erde: Schwimmende Erdschollen und eisige Stürme" from a series "WissensWerte" by rbb INFORadio about permafrost research in Arctic.

2015-11-27 On Arctic Dispatch News there is an article about our yedoma erosion study: "Speedily eroding North Slope river bluff offers window into ice age past"

2015-11-07 On Arctic Dispatch News there is another article about a North Slope tundra fire, a study Guido contributed to: "Study: Big North Slope tundra fire sparked long-term permafrost thaw"

2015-11-02 A new paper co-authored by Guido and published in Scientific Reports on using LiDAR elevation data to quantify the impacts of tundra fires on destabilising permafrost and causing rapid thermokarst is now featured in the scientific media portal ESKP.

2015-05-27 Guido explains in an article in the Tagesspiegel the most likely cause of "mysterious holes in the tundra".

2015-05-15 The FrostByte "Organic carbon stocks in ice-rich permafrost of the Yedoma region" was published by Jens.

2015-05-08 The NDR scientific magazine Logo broadcasts a radio interview with Guido and other colleagues from AWI and University of Hamburg on the subject of "How dangerous is the thawing of the permafrost?"

2015-05-06 Science journalist Gerald Dietz from Märkische Allgemeine Zeitung reports on the latest results of AWI permafrost research with examples from Guido's Nature paper and Thomas' Biogeosciences paper in an article on thawing permafrost soils and the release of greenhouse gases.

2015-04-10 On the occasion of the journey of the Federal Research Minister Johanna Wanka to AWIPEV station on Spitsbergen for getting an overview of climate change in the Arctic, a short backgrounder on permafrost carbon pool and the release of greenhouse gases was published in PNN referencing to results of our new Nature article.

2015-04-09 The international science journal Nature published our review article "Climate change and the permafrost carbon feedback", with Guido as a co-author. See the AWI News release. In the following days numerous articles appeared in international print and online media like Washington PostHuffington Post, Climate Central, and The Guardian, approaching and discussing our scientific article.

2015-03-31 The AWI newspaper @awi report on Jens work and the IPA Yedoma Action Group. The article is published on the focus section of the AWI website.

2015-02-11 The Märkische Allgemeine Zeitung reports on Franks work in the science section "My Project".

2015-01-26 The Helmholtz Association website features an interview with Dr. Grosse on how he received his ERC project.


2014-08-05 An article by David Bjello from Scientific American features interview content with Guido Grosse on permafrost vulnerability and the future potential for new processes of rapid permafrost thaw. The same article is also published on, a major news, politics, and culture website in the USA.

2014-07-31 The Märkische Allgemeine Zeitung reports on Research by Guido Grosse and colleagues published in the scientific journal Nature in an article written by Gerald Dietz (in German).

2014-07-18 Based on his expertise for remote sensing and permafrost Frank Günther is interviewed by the journal Spiegel on his opinion of the mysterious 80m crater that was discovered on Yamal Peninsula.

2014-07-16 Guido co-authors a paper on thermokarst lakes as a millenial-scale carbon sink despite their ongoing methane emissions, published online in the journal Nature today. Here is the AWI press release covering the paper story. Various news outlets cover the story including the Austrian Der Standard, the Alaskan Fairbanks Daily Newsminer.

2014-06-21 The FrostByte "Palaeoecological implications from an 11,500 years old thermokarst lake in Northwest Canada (Herschel Island, Yukon)"was published by Josefine Lenz.

2014-05-08 A news article in the Environmental Monitor covers the 900-mile (about 1400km) Alaska snowmachine expedition.

2014-05-03 Coverage of the Alaska April 2014 Expedition in the Fairbanks Daily Newsminer and Alaska Dispatch (by Ned Rozell): Three weeks in the saddle, studying climate change in Alaska's Arctic 

2014-04-25 Coverage of the Alaska April 2014 Expedition in the Fairbanks Daily Newsminer and Alaska Dispatch (by Ned Rozell): At remote Teshekpuk Lake, a lovingly restored cabin shelters Arctic researchers 

2014-04-19 Coverage of the Alaska April 2014 Expedition in the Fairbanks Daily Newsminer and Alaska Dispatch (by Ned Rozell): Rugged research in Alaska's Big White Empty tests scientists' resolve 

2014-04-11 Coverage of the Alaska April 2014 Expedition in the Fairbanks Daily Newsminer and Alaska Dispatch (by Ned Rozell): On the North Slope, a research station comes to life for the summer 

2014-04-05 The joint CALON / PETA-CARB Alaska snowmachine expedition is covered in several news columns by expedition team member Ned Rozell in Alaska Dispatch, the Fairbanks Daily News Miner, the Valdez Star, and the Alaska Science Forum.- Seeking answers in the North Slope's permafrost-thaw lakes

2014-01-08 An article featuring Guido Grosse's new ERC research project PETA-CARB appeared in the European Unions Research & Innovation Magazine EU Horizon.