Fieldwork in remote permafrost regions of the Arctic and Subarctic are an important component of our PETA-CARB project. During these expeditions we collect samples, conduct geodetic surveys, and install measurement instruments that deliver critical data for our project. The focus of our field work is on the landscape dynamics resulting from rapid permafrost thaw and its impacts on soil carbon pools.

Our expeditions are conducted within international collaborations especially with colleagues from the USA and Russia, lead us into the remotest regions of Siberia and Alaska, and often are quite adventurous with their basic field camps in the wilderness, unusual transportation modes, long work days, and the promise of scientific discovery.

Central Yakutia, March 2015

Alaska North Slope, April 2014

ICOP, Juni 2016

Bykovsky Peninsula, April 2017

Lena Delta, August 2014

Alaska North Slope, Juli 2015

Aerial view of the city of Kotzebue, Arctic Alaska

West-Alaska, August 2016

Goldstream Valley in Fairbanks ist easy to access by car and snow machine.

Zentral-Alaska, März 2017

Samoylov, April 2018

A fresh thermo erosional opening

Lena-Delta, August 2018

Alaska North Slope, August 2014

Lena-Delta, August 2015

Thermo erosional valley, which was analysed by Justine Ramage

Lena-Delta, August 2016