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Retreating permafrost coasts threaten the fragile Arctic environment

The EU project Nunataryuk will determine the effects of permafrost thaw on Earth’s coldest shorelines

Kuestenerosion auf der russischen Permafrostinsel Muostakh
[22. November 2017] 

Permafrost makes up a quarter of the landmass in the Northern Hemisphere. A large EU project, coordinated by the Alfred Wegener Institute, is now exploring the consequences for the global climate and for the people living in the Arctic. But that’s not all: working together with residents of the Arctic region, the researchers will also co-design strategies for the future in order to cope with ongoing climate change.

Nature Conservation

International Oyster Alliance

Founding of the Native Oyster Restoration Alliance (NORA) to restore the European oyster

Europäische Auster
[14. November 2017] 

At an international workshop, nature conservation authorities and organisations, scientists and oyster farmers have founded a European network. Their goal is to reintroduce and restore stocks of the now rare and highly endangered native European oyster.

Climate Research

The end of the African Humid Period

Cooling in high and mid-latitudes led to aridification in Northern Africa

[08. November 2017] 

Researchers from several European institutions found that northern high-latitude cooling played a role in triggering the rapid termination of the African Humid Period 5500 years ago.

New Director

Change of Leadership at the Alfred Wegener Institute

Director Karin Lochte passes the baton to Antje Boetius

Karin Lochte und Antje Boetius
[01. November 2017] 

On 1 November 2017 Prof Antje Boetius will assume leadership of the Alfred Wegener Institute, Helmholtz Centre for Polar and Marine Research (AWI). She will succeed Prof Karin Lochte, who has led the Institute for the past ten years.

Ocean Acidification

A strong case for limiting climate change

BIOACID concludes after eight years of extensive research on ocean acidification

Heincke-Expedition HE-408
[25. October 2017] 

In November 2017, the German research network on ocean acidification BIOACID (Biological Impacts of Ocean Acidification) reaches its conclusion after eight years of extensive interdisciplinary scientific activity.