Most Recent Balloon Soundings

To obtain the meteorological parameter temperature, humidity, air pressure and wind not only at the ground but also above little instruments - called radiosondes - monted on weather balloons get started. During flight all parameters get broadcasted every 5 seconds to the ground station. The balloons ascent with a vertical velocity of about 5 m/s. Thus, profiles which a height resolution of about 25 m get recorded up to the burst point of the balloons in a height typically between 30 and 35 km.

Normally, one balloon ascent gets performed about 12 UTC. The measurements are coded (FM35, BUFR) and transferred directly to the Global Telecommunication System (GTS) by email where they contribute to weather forecasting.

Balloon Soundings Since 1983

Since 1983 balloon soundings take place at Neumayer every day. These measurements do not just serve for the short term weather forecast but especially for scientific questions. All data are freely available  in monthly granularity via the Data Publisher for Earth & Environmental Science PANGAEA. The data get used in climate research to validate models as well as satellite measurements and to detect climate trends.

The Advanced Search Modus from PANGAEA can be used to search for data from a limited time frame. Via the Data Warehouse from PANGAEA the extraction of any selected parameter from any search result is possible.