Recent Weather Observations

Synoptic observations are carried out routinely every 3 hours. They include measurements of air temperature (at 2 m height), air pressure (values are reduced to mean sea level), wind vector (at 10 m height), dew point temperature (at 2 m height), clouds (cloud amount, type and height), horizontal visibility, present and past weather and snowdrift.

The full program is carried out at 0, 9, 12, 15, 18, 21 UTC. During night time at 3 and 6 UTC the visual observations are omitted. The data is coded (FM12-SYNOP) and transferred directly to the Global Telecommunication System (GTS) by email where they contribute to weather forecasting.

Neumayer Weather yesterday (Grafik: Alfred-Wegener-Institut) Neumayer Weather today (Grafik: Alfred-Wegener-Institut)
Overview Neumayer Weather (Grafik: Alfred-Wegener-Institut)

Weather Observations since 1981

Since 1981 all 3-hourly synoptic weather observations from Neumayer get validated and archived. All data are freely available  in monthly granularity via the Data Publisher for Earth & Environmental Science PANGAEA. The data get used in climate research to validate models as well as satellite measurements and to detect climate trends.

The Advanced Search Modus from PANGAEA can be used to search for data from a limited time frame. Via the Data Warehouse from PANGAEA the extraction of any selected parameter from any search result is possible.