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Arctic Ocean

Arctic sea ice shrinks to second-lowest summer extent since the beginning of satellite observation

Remaining ice cover on the Arctic Ocean measures just 3.8 million square kilometres – warm air and warm seawater have produced widespread melting

[17. September 2020] 

Die Meereisdecke des Arktischen Ozeans ist in diesem Sommer auf die zweitkleinste Fläche seit Beginn der Satellitenmessungen im Jahr 1979 geschrumpft. Mitte September betrug die verbleibende Eisfläche nur noch 3,8 Millionen Quadratkilometer. Damit liegt die aktuelle Meereisfläche etwa 0,5 Millionen km² über dem Negativrekord aus dem Jahr 2012. 

International Project ISMIP6

Model comparison: Experts calculate future ice loss and the extent to which Greenland and the Antarctic will contribute to sea-level rise

The major international project ISMIP6 offers new estimates of how much melting ice sheets will contribute to global sea-level rise by 2100

[17. September 2020] 

Ice-sheet models are an essential tool in making predictions regarding the future of the Greenland and Antarctic Ice Sheets. Nevertheless, these models still have a number of weaknesses. In an international model comparison, 14 research groups fed their ice-sheet models the same atmospheric and ocean data, and calculated what additional amounts of sea-level rise Greenland and the Antarctic would contribute by the year 2100.


Siberia’s permafrost erosion has been worsening for years

River Bank erosion in the Lena Delta is contributing to the greenhouse effect

[16. September 2020] 

The scale of the Riverbank Erosion alarming: every year, roughly 15 metres of the riverbanks crumble away. In addition, the carbon stored in the permafrost could worsen the greenhouse effect. 


MOSAiC aerial campaign: first aerial survey flights in the Arctic since the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic

German polar research aircraft launch from Svalbard to conduct aerial surveys of the sea ice and atmosphere over the Arctic Ocean

[31. August 2020] 

Following a five-month mandatory delay due to the coronavirus pandemic, on August 30th the two German polar research aircraft Polar 5 and Polar 6 will launch from Svalbard to conduct their first aerial survey flights over the Arctic this year. The flights, which will extend far into the Central Arctic, will support the investigation of the atmosphere and sea ice, and supplement the MOSAiC expedition’s extensive research agenda.


Greenland Ice Sheet Shows Losses in 2019

AWI researchers confirm record ice losses in Greenland in 2019 based on data from the GFZ/NASA satellite mission GRACE Follow-On

[20. August 2020] 

The Greenland Ice Sheet recorded a new record loss of mass in 2019. This was the finding of a team of international researchers after evaluating data from satellite observations and modelling data.