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Scientists at Alfred Wegener Institute appointed to key positions for new IPCC Assessment Report

[23. June 2010] 

The IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) announced the authors and experts for its fifth Assessment Report in Geneva. They include Prof. Peter Lemke and Prof. Hans-Otto Pörtner from the Alfred Wegener Institute.

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Polarstern launches 25th Arctic expedition – research in Greenland Sea, Fram Strait and Baffin Bay

[09. June 2010] 

Tomorrow the Polarstern research vessel sets off on its 25th Arctic expedition. From Bremerhaven it will first set course for the Greenland Sea, where primarily oceanographic work is on the agenda. Over 120 scientists and technicians from six nations are taking part in the three legs of the expedition. The Polarstern is expected back in Bremerhaven on 10 October.

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How did higher life evolve?

[03. June 2010] 

Scientists have for the first time determined the complete genome sequence of a brown alga and opened a new door to the understanding of multicellularity and photosynthesis. 


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Seal Bulls in the Service of Science

[02. June 2010] 

“Gustavo” is an imposing bull always in search of the best feeding grounds. The elephant seal weighing 3 tons and measuring 4 metres in length belongs to a group of 14 animals that serve researchers of the Alfred Wegener Institute as scientific assistants since recently.

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Research vessel Polarstern returns from the Antarctic – First expedition through entire polar South Pacific

[12. May 2010] 

On coming Monday, 17 May the research vessel Polarstern is expected back in Bremerhaven. That will mark the end of the 26th Antarctic expedition of the research icebreaker after over seven months covering more than 68,000 kilometres (37,000 nautical miles). The expedition was divided into four legs, in which over 150 scientists from 15 nations took part.