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Which types of jellyfish are there in the Arctic Ocean today – and which will still be there tomorrow?

AWI biologist Charlotte Havermans and the new Helmholtz Young Investigator Group for Arctic Jellyfish will soon explore uncharted territory

[21. November 2018] 

In 2019, Charlotte Havermans will form a new research group, which will use cutting-edge technologies to create a jellyfish inventory for the Arctic Ocean.

New Study

Ocean acidification stimulates mass development of toxic algae

Long-term experiment reveals disruption of the pelagic food web under high CO2 conditions

[19. November 2018] 

If carbon dioxide concentrations in the atmosphere and thereby in the ocean continue to rise, this could favour the mass development of toxic algae, with far-reaching consequences for the pelagic food web. This was discovered during a long-term experiment off the Canary Islands conducted by an international group of scientists with the participation of the Alfred Wegener Institute.

International cooperation

Argentinian Ambassador visits the AWI

[16. November 2018] 

On Friday the Argentinian Ambassador S.E. Edgardo Malaroda visited the Alfred Wegener Institute together with the Embassy Secretary Martin Suaya.


Massive meteorite impact crater discovered

Kilometre-wide iron meteorite proven beneath Greenland’s ice-sheet with AWI’s research aircraft Polar 6

[15. November 2018] 

An international research team has discovered a 31-km wide meteorite impact crater buried beneath the ice-sheet in northern Greenland. This is the first time that a crater of any size has been found under one of Earth’s continental ice sheets. The research aircraft Polar 6 from the Alfred Wegener Instittue verified the discovery with radar measurements. The research is described in a new study just published in the internationally recognized journal Science Advance.

Expedition starts

Research icebreaker Polarstern begins the Antarctic season

What does it look like below the ice shelf of the calved massive iceberg A68?

[07. November 2018] 

Due to retarded work on the Polarstern the departure is delayed - On Sunday, 11 November 2018, the research icebreaker Polarstern will leave its homeport of Bremerhaven, bound for Cape Town, South Africa. This will mark the beginning of its Antarctic season, in which oceanographic fieldwork in the Weddell Sea, a resupply mission to the Neumayer Station III, and explorations of the Larsen C ice shelf region and the South Shetland Islands are on the agenda. The ship is expected to return to Bremerhaven in June 2019.