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Polarstern to explore uncharted seafloor

[24. November 2006] 

Atmospheric global warming has resulted in significant environmental changes on the Antarctic

Peninsula and throughout Western Antarctica. Glaciers are melting and the Larsen ice shelves are collapsing. An interesting consequence: areas which were previously covered by ice shelves several hundred meters thick are now accessible to researchers!

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Ocean current links northern and southern hemisphere in ice age

[09. November 2006] 

Even if climate records from Greenland and Antarctic ice cores show different patterns climate of Arctic and Antartica are connected directly. Recent investigations on an Antarctic ice core now published in nature indicate a general connection between both hemispheres by a ‘bipolar seesaw’.

Press release

New aircraft for polar research

[31. October 2006] 

The Alfred Wegener Institute for Polar and Marine Research (AWI) is acquiring a new research plane of type Basler BT-67. ‘Polar 5’ features improved aeronautical parameters and scientific instrumentation designed for long-lasting utilisation.

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Continued warming of the Arctic Ocean - Northernmost position of the new research vessel Maria S Merian

[04. October 2006] 

Several days ago, the ‘Maria S Merian’ returned from her second Arctic expedition with data confirming trends of Arctic warming.