TRUE aims to identify and enable transition paths to realise sustainable legume-supported production systems and agri-feed and -food chains. Legumes are widely recognised as a sustainable source of highly nutritious food and feed, requiring no inorganic nitrogen fertiliser. Despite these benefits, legume-based systems have not been realised in common farming practice. TRUE’s perspective is that the scientific knowledge, capacities and societal desire for legume supported systems exists, but that practical co-innovation to realise transition paths have yet to be achieved. In TRUE, Aquaculture Research at AWI will:

  • Provide case studies on use of legumes, in particular lupin, in fish and shrimp diets. Our team will develop novel feed formulations for major animal production systems (fish) based on specific legume production models from WP2 Case Studies.
  • Review the inclusion of legumes in novel feeds for animal and aquaculture production systems, and to test novel formulated feeds for fish (Salmon, Seabass and Shrimp) production.
  • Develop a best practice guide for incorporation of legume grains in feeds across pedo-climatic regions and develop an innovation catalogue for novel foods.

Project Lead: Monika Weiss