Development of a non-contact method for the removal of ectoparasites from salmon in aquaculture

Salmon is one of the most popular food fish in Germany. Since wild stocks do not meet the demand anymore, salmon is now reared in large aquaculture sites at sea. The world's largest producer is Norway, but aquaculture sites for salmon can also be found in Scotland, Ireland and Chile.

A major problem in the rearing of salmon are salmon lice. A parasite that can spread quickly in the tightly occupied cages and infests the fish. The salmon lice causes considerable damage to the fish and the salmon lice infestation is treated extensively. However, the methods used so far also lead to a high stress level in the fish.

Therefore, the salmon lice project will develop a novel method for the control of salmon lice. AWI is working together with the partners Micor GmbH, glammeier+john, Purima GmbH and TTZ-Bremerhaven . By combining infrared light and ultrasound in a treatment section, the parasites shall be separated from their hosts without contact and filtered out of the water afterwards.