Development of a novel, land-based aquaculture process for the production of marine sponges and the pharmacological use of sponge collagen

Marine sponges are one of the most important sources of bioactive compounds used in medicine, industry and as nutraceuticals. The project AkPhaKol gives attention to the design of an exemplary, commercial production technique to reproduce the marine sponge Chondrosia reniformis for the use of bioactive compounds in pharmacology and industry.

Focal point is the development of a novel aquaculture process for the production of the species C. reniformis in a land-based recirculation system. Reduction and loss of microorganism associated with the sponge species as well as nutrient content in the culture water shall be minimized by an optimized design of culture tank and water treatment.

Due to the fact, that one of the important parameters for a successful land-based aquaculture is an optimal food supply, a special feed which meets the needs of the species C. reniformis is produced. In feeding trials different types of commercially available food will be compared with the especially for the project developed food. Growth and collagen content are checked in regular intervals.

In addition, different variations of special abiotic factors like light and current are tested on the sponge specimen and the effects on growth and collagen content are examined.

The project partner KliniPharm GmbH will be provided with the extracted collagen from sponges. It will be used amongst others for the manufacturing of nutraceuticals.

Sponge Chondrosia reniformis