FISP is an extensive glaciological field campaign on the Filchner Ronne Ice Shelf in which AWI collaborates with BAS. Purpose is to obtain the ice thickness and bathymetry under the shelf using active seismics and pRES data.

In season 2015/16, 125 bathymetric points and 12 pRES points were measured by BAS. In 2016/17 AWI will measure an additional 83 bathymetric points and the same 12 pRES points will be measured. Next to this AWI will collect a 50km continuous seismic profile crossing the grounding line of Support Ice Stream. As a result equipment of AWI is deposited at two sites:

  • Site 5: starting site for the 83 bathymetric points and 12 pRES points
  • Depot: starting point of the 50km continuous profile

Field days: November 18 2016, until January 15 2017