Former scholar Dr. Baye Cheikh Mbaye: "It is a unique world training that put together young scientist from all over the world, particularly from developing countries to benefit from multi-disciplinary oceanographic courses, techniques, and protocols. The AWI stations at Helgoland and Sylt are likely the best places to acquire those skills. I remembered during the program how the AWI members were always ready to teach, help and share their ocean sciences and experiences. Eva's and her team have helped us generating new skills and capabilities within a practical and applicable context. This goes from theoretical lectures, laboratory work to independent research projects. Particularly scholars were faced about the importance of scientific cruise organization and sampling method by holding the responsibility of being cruise leader. Besides the academic, social was an interesting aspect in Helgoland life. The size of the city enables the development of a close and personal relationship within scholars as well as between AWI members and Helgoland citizens. This was a wonderful context to emerge academically and socially."

NF-POGO CofE Guide 2015/16

Abstract book of independent research projects 2015/16