Dr. Mathias Wegner


Division Coastal Ecology
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Email Mathias Wegner
Phone +49(4651)956-4202
Address Alfred Wegener Institute

Hafenstraße 43
25992 List
(Building B | Room 202)

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AG Community & Evolutionary Ecology, PACES WP2.3 'Evolution and Adaptation', Molecular Biology labs Sylt; 'Coastal Ecology' vice section head

Research interests

Global change and evolutionary genetics of pathogen resistance in coastal ecosystems

How global change and increasing physical stress interact with emerging marine diseases is largely unexplored in coastal ecosystems. Evolutionary consequences for such altered interactions between hosts and bacterial pathogens are even less known. I focus on ubiquitous bacterial pathogens (genus Vibrio) and invasive parasites (Mytilicola sp.) within the Wadden sea ecosystem and model host species ,i.e. Pacific oysters and blue mussels to explore the evolutionary trajectories of both hosts and parasites.