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In accordance with the guidelines of the authorities and the Robert Koch Institute, we are not offering guided tours for visitors at AWI sites for the time being. Our employees are increasingly working from home. If appointments or meetings with AWI staff are pending, please check whether they can be held by telephone or video conference. Service providers or suppliers can contact their client at the AWI by telephone or e-mail if they have any questions. We try to deal with all requests in a timely manner. We ask for your understanding if delays occur.

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Exploring Ice and Oceans

The polar regions and the oceans play a central role in the global climate system. We explore the Arctic, Antarctic, and the seas and coastal regions of the temperate latitudes. From the atmosphere to the deep sea. Climate research for us and for future generations.




Lectures for school classes

Lectures for school classes

New lecture series for upper secondary school students

When: Fr, 03.09.2021 - Mo, 20.12.2021
Who: Staff Unit 'Scientific Education' (Alfred Wegener Institute)

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