The aim of the project Co-Use of offshore windfarms as models of ecosystem-based MSP is to implement practical solutions to reduce conflicts of use and promote a more sustainable resource use. The co-use of offshore wind farms with passive fishing and/or aquaculture is an integrated spatial utilisation concept that has already been established elsewhere and has so far only been analysed in theory and in smaller pilot projects in the German Bight of the North Sea.

With the help of an experimental implementation of co-use, this project aims to address gaps in knowledge regarding safety measures, ecosystem compatibility of passive fishing and aquaculture in wind farms as well as economic consequences and incentives together with the most important actors. In addition, the link between sea and land under the co-use concept is to be defined practically by means of a local marketing strategy. In particular, Green Economy funding refers to application-oriented research that deals with questions of the future, such as the efficient use of resources. The aim is to generate as much new knowledge as possible, which can strengthen the green economy in the state of Bremen.

The project focuses on the sustainable use of living resources, involving local stakeholders and the public. The potential solutions of co-use to be developed are directly translated into clear recommendations and local exploitation strategies.

The planned project has five scientific objectives:

  1. Definition of ecological basics and fishing techniques for sustainable passive fishing within offshore wind farms (Thünen-Institute [project lead])
  2. Analysis of the feasibility and synergies of aquaculture and offshore wind farms (AWI)
  3. Development of a marketing concept and consumer information through cooperation with local actors and description of co-use as a holistic concept (marine-land connection) (all partners)
  4. Development of possibilities and limits of co-use as a spatial planning concept through stakeholder participation (all partners)
  5. Publicly accessible exhibition on the subject of „Co-Utilization - new ways of integrated marine space use“ (all partners)

This project was supported by funds of the European Fund for Regional Development (EFRD).

Project Fact Sheet

Project name


Project duration

24 months

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Research, Industry (offshore Wind, fishery & processing), Regulators, NGOs


Prof. Dr. Bela H. Buck

Maximilian Felix Schupp