Optimized feeds and feeding regimes for administering an oral-applicable vaccine in fish for aquaculture application

As in land monocultures, diseases within intense aquaculture developed largely in the early stages and were first combated with antibiotics, with large environmental consequences. Now, injection immunisation has lowered the use of antibiotics and increased productivity and fish health in aquaculture. Unfortunately, in many third world countries labour and cost intensive immunisation is still not applied and antibiotics are used instead. In this context, oral applied vaccines could reduce the introduction of antibiotics to open water systems.

The main goal of the cooperation-project is the development of a principle solution “modular oral-applied multi-vaccine (MoMV)” for pathogen immunisation and pathogen independent immune stimulation. Together with project partners from the Friedrich-Loeffler-Institute (Dr. Bernd Koellner), the Leibniz-Institute for Farm Animal Biology (PD Dr. habil. Tom Goldammer) and the Institute for Microbiology at University of Greifswald (Dr. Doerthe Becher) a multi-vaccine feed and their optimal feeding regime will be developed.

The goal of the research project OFFoMV is the optimisation of specific food particles and the development of an optimal feeding regime for administering an oral vaccine in fish. Thereby, the biggest challenge is to overcome the unfavourable pH of the stomach which has lethal impact to the functionality of the vaccine. An adequate immune response can only be induced if the vaccine can be transported to the lower intestine intact. In close collaboration with the Technology-Transfer-Centre Bremerhaven, a special pellet will be developed which can guarantee adequate transport of the vaccine to the lower gut. Furthermore, an optimal feeding regime (stock density, feeding period and portions ...) will be developed and established to secure an optimal fish immunisation.


The project is funded by the European Maritime and Fisheries Fund and the state of Mecklenburg-West Pomerania.


Project Lead:

Philip N. Just


Phone: +49 (0)471 4831 2282

Partner and Funding