GamFood - Marine amphipods as feedstuff in aquaculture

In aquaculture feedstuffs are often used that consist primarily of fishmeal and fish-oils. Even though there is an increase in the use of plant substitutes (e.g., soy-beans or lupines) for aquaculture feed production, these feeds often lack essential fatty acids ('fish-oil'). These are essential for healthy growth and metabolism of fishes and other organisms and are mainly produced by aquatic organisms. Until now, there are few sustainable alternatives in producing feedstuffs rich in healthy lipids and fish-oil.

The project GamFood investigates the potential of several marine Amphipods as feedstuffs in land-based aquaculture. The aim of the study is the cultivation of Amphipods in artificial seawater as well as the optimization of their content of fatty acids by the use of resource-friendly and sustainable feed-sources. Finally, the produced and optimized amphipods shall be tested as feed for two different fish species.

Project Lead: Hilke Alberts-Hubatsch | Jan Beermann

Duration: 2 Years;

Funded by the AWI-Innovation Fund