In the DFG-funded project KNIPAS, we are investigating the ultraslow Knipovich Ridge along its entire length between two volcanic centres. This unique earthquake data set gives us insights into the spreading processes on the scale of a whole spreading ridge segment. We could infer that melts can be guided over distances of at least 70 km towards a large volcanic centre (Meier et al. 2021). We can also distinguish regions with different spreading styles, depending on whether magmatism or tectonic deformation prevail. Our dataset also gives hints on the activity of the large central volcano, the Logachev volcanic complex.

In addition, strong currents on the sea floor shook our ocean bottom seismometers in the rift valley of Knipovich Ridge, causing vibrations of the instruments. We used our large network of identical ocean bottom seismometers to investigate in detail the excitation of these vibrations (Essing et al. 2021) and to develop strategies to suppress these vibrations in future projects.