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Prestigious Oceanography Award for Prof Dr Victor Smetacek

[14. June 2004] 

On June 11th, Prof Dr Victor Smetacek, scientist at the 'Alfred Wegener Institute for Polar and Marine Research' (AWI) will be presented with the Manley-Bendall medal for his "work in the field of marine biology, as an expert on plankton and for his worldwide reputation" by the Oceanographic Institute in Paris.

Smetacek, leader of the Biology Department - pelagic System - who has been working at the AWI since 1986, was "deeply honoured to have been selected for such an esteemed award". Smetacek had attracted the award committee's attention "because of his outstanding publications and his scientific successes". In addition, "the iron-fertilisation experiment ("EisenEx" ('IronEx')), for which he is project leader, is well known at French research institutions".

The 'Manley-Bendall' medal is presented alternately to a French and a foreign scientist. In 2003, it was awarded to Smetacek, and in 2004, it will go to a French researcher.

The Oceanographic Institute was founded in 1906 by Monaco's Prince Albert I as 'Institut oceanographique, Foundation Albert I, prince de Monaco'. It consists of two institutions: the actual oceanographic institute based in Paris is utilised by everyone interested in the oceans, and is a place for exchange between researchers and students. The second institution is the oceanographic museum, located on the rocks of Monaco. Prince Albert I originally established it to protect his collections, as well as for scientific research. However, nowadays the museum is famous for its high standards, its historic collections and its world-renowned aquaria.

Bremerhaven, June 14, 2004



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