Web application regarding MOSAiC expedition

Follow Polarstern’s drift live on your mobile device

All features of MOSAiC’s web application will be available online by the 20th of September.
[16. September 2019] 

An expedition of superlatives: MOSAiC poses a big challenge to all international scientists involved: The drift of Polarstern will be determined by nature and can only be estimated so far in advance. To allow everyone interested to join this exciting expedition live, the MOSAiC web application will launch on the 20th of September, including all features.

The application can be found at follow.mosaic-expedition.org. It does not need to be downloaded through an app store as it is working browser based. However, it can still be saved as an application right within your browser itself.

Online, users can not only follow Polarstern‘s actual whereabouts, but also view the predicted drift route, as well as weather details of their current location. A special highlight within the web app is the MOSAiC diary, where the latest pictures and short diary entries regarding the expedition will be shown.  

Additionally, the MOSAiC application draws a connection to Fridtjof Nansen‘s historical drift expedition: 125 years ago, the scientist had his ship, the „Fram“, freeze right into the arctic sea ice in order to create a drift, leading him close to the north pole. It’s location during the former expedition will also be presentet within the application, together with diary entries written by Fridtjof Nansen himself, allowing all users to experience this historic event through Fridtjof Nansen‘s own eyes.

The MOSAiC web application is available online in English and German via follow.mosaic-expedition.org. All features launch on the 20th of September on 8pm CEST.

The website of the MOSAiC expedition is online and obtainable in English at: mosaic-expedition.org.




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