PS125 – Weekly Report No 3 | 12 - 18 April 2021

We have crossed the Equator

[19. April 2021] 

The smooth transit cruise is still heading north. In the meantime, we have reached the intertropical convergence with its correspondingly humid climate. From time to time, another cargo ship crosses our track.

We are continuously heading northward. The highlight of the week was the crossing of the equator on Thursday, April 15 – 07:03 h ship’s time.


Afterwards everybody gathered on the helideck for a group photo. We had promised the crew of our Lufthansa flight that we would present the company flag, which they had given to us, on the helideck at the equator. We did this together with the group photo on Friday. Also on Friday, we carried out a fire drill with the crew. We simulated a fire in the garbage container.

The administrative preparations for our arrival on April 29 are already in progress. In the course of the week, the clocks were again set and we are now 2 hours behind local time in Germany.

Current data:

Covered distance since departure Port Stanley: 4395 nm

Current position on April 18 at 12:00 h: 14°13.8’ N / 22°34.7’ W

Everybody is still in a good mood and we are enjoying the sun.


Greetings from the nautical and scientific crews

Eberhard Kohlberg

(Chief scientist)



Eberhard Kohlberg

Scientific Coordination

Ingo Schewe
Ingo Schewe


Sanne Bochert
Sanne Bochert