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AWI Scientist Antje Boetius honoured

[20. June 2016] 

Professor Antje Boetius, Alfred Wegener Institute, was elected as Fellow of the European Academy of Sciences. Furthermore, she will be awarded the Goldschmidt Medal 2016 due to be presented in Japan.

Open Science

Helmholtz Association adopts open access policy

Scientific results should be publicly accessible for sharing with science, industry and society without any barriers

[06. June 2016] 

Scientific publications involving scientists from the Helmholtz Association should be freely available to the public. This is the intention of a new open access policy recently adopted by the Assembly of Members of Germany’s largest research organisation. According to this policy, publications in the natural sciences should be made available free of charge within six months at the latest; in the humanities and social sciences the deadline is twelve months.

Southern Ocean

Biological studies on the shelves off the Antarctic Peninsula

Results from a Polarstern cruise published in a special issue of the journal Polar Biology

[20. May 2016] 

The waters around the Antarctic Peninsula are characterized by significant environmental changes and pronounced natural gradients in physical characteristics. The journal Polar Biology has now dedicated a special issue to this region. The articles in the issue report a wide range of results on the ecology of the Southern Ocean.

Open Letter

“Science Thrives in Open-minded Environments”

An Open Letter from the Directors of Research Institutes in Potsdam

[16. March 2016] 

There is no place in Potsdam for hostility towards foreigners and those seeking refuge, argue the heads of educational and research institutes in Potsdam in an open letter published on 16 March 2016 in the Märkischen Allgemeinen, the Potsdamer Neuesten Nachrichten and other newspapers.

Technology Transfer

Alfred Wegener Institute on Oceanology International

Focus on marine science and ocean technology in exhibition and conference

[15. March 2016] 

The Alfred Wegener Institute participates in the Oceanology International, one of the world's leading marine science and ocean technology exhibition and conference. It is held in London every two years and takes place in London from 15 to 17 March 2016.