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Marine Research

Official Symposium and Ship Christening in Kiel

Marine researchers at commemorative event in memory of the marine geologist Eugen Seibold

Festsymposium und Schiffstaufe in Kiel
[14. May 2018] 

On 11 May 2018, a high-level symposium was held in Kiel in memory of Eugen Seibold, at which AWI Director Prof. Antje Boetius gave a keynote speech. Marine geologist Seibold has trained and shaped generations of marine researchers, and would have turned 100 this year. Following the symposium, a new research vessel was christened ‘Eugen Seibold’.

Scientific Study

Signs of tipping point for oxygen minimum zone in the ocean

AWI researchers publish study on the regime shift with a two-degree rise in temperature

Schwerelot bei schwerer See (FS Sonne)
[08. May 2018] 

When ocean temperatures change, the natural variability of the oxygen supply and the associated biogeochemical cycles don’t respond in a lineal manner. Instead, circa 6,000 years ago a tipping point was reached relatively suddenly. This was the key finding of a study by group of researchers led by geologists from the Alfred Wegener Institute, Helmholtz Centre for Polar and Marine Research (AWI), which has now been published in the journal PNAS.


In the focus of international cooperation on signs of climate change

Two high-level delegations with representatives from science and politics visit the German-French Arctic research base AWIPEV in Ny Alesund

[30. April 2018] 

The delegations were informed in detail about international cooperation at the site with a focus on climate and environmental research. Accompanied by Kim Holmen, International Director at the Norwegian Polar Research Institute NPI, the visit to Svalbard gave them a chance to see the effects of climate change up close.


The future of the Thwaites Glacier

UK and US join forces to understand how quickly a massive Antarctic glacier could collapse

[30. April 2018] 

A joint UK-US research programme launched today is one of the most detailed and extensive examinations of a massive Antarctic glacier ever undertaken. The Alfred Wegener Institute directly participated in an expedition during which researchers explored the structure of the ice and of the ground below it.


Antje Boetius is awarded the Vernadsky Medal 2018

Seminal contributions to our knowledge of deep-sea ecosystems

Vernadsky-Medaille 2018
[10. April 2018] 

AWI director Prof Dr Antje Boetius receives the prestigious Vernadsky Medal for her groundbreaking contributions to biogeosciences and spearheading research on methane-based metabolisms and the marine carbon cycle.