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Taking aim at tiny threats

AWI experts offer recommendations on detecting microplastic

[21. September 2020] 

There are various methods for detecting microplastic in water and in other samples, but it’s often difficult to compare the results. An international team led by AWI-Scientists has now presented possible solutions.

Nature Communications

Magmatic hotspot in the South Atlantic

New Publication by AWI and MARUM

[11. September 2020] 

Island chains like Hawaii are situated above so-called hotspots, where hot magma flows upward continuously over long time periods. It has been much debated whether there are currently active hotspots in the South Atlantic. Geoscientists from AWI and MARUM have presented important evidence: It is now clear that one of these hotspots is located in the middle of the South Atlantic, near the island of Tristan da Cunha.

Mission Earth

Mission Earth: An Aquanaut and Astronaut dive into the depths

Antje Boetius and Alexander Gerst with the research submersible off the Canary Islands

[02. August 2020] 

Antje Boetius is currently in the Azores, where she undertaking deep sea dives with astronaut Alexander Gerst for his "Mission Erde" (Mission Earth) series. Alexander Gerst accompanies scientists wanting to gain a better understanding of the fragile Earth system on expeditions.

EU Project

Mobilizing the ocean for climate protection

GEOMAR coordinates research project on ocean-based negative emissions technologies

[17. June 2020] 

Humanity cannot limit global warming to 1.5 degrees unless action is taken. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has shown this in its special report from 2018. From 1 July, scientists from 14 institutions including the Alfred Wegener Institute will be examining the opportunities and risks of ocean-based technologies for such negative emissions.

MOSAiC Expedition

New MOSAiC team now bound for the Arctic

[18. May 2020] 

Late Monday morning, the time had come: the German research vessels Maria S. Merian and Sonne departed Bremerhaven, headed for the Arctic. In addition to the ship’s crews, roughly 100 passengers were on board: researchers and Polarstern crewmembers. The two ships will tentatively rendezvous with the Polarstern near Svalbard this weekend, so that their passengers can relieve the current MOSAiC team. A substantial amount of scientific material, equipment and provisions will also be transferred.