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Improving predictive capacity on polar regions

Scientists on ice
[03. May 2021] 

AWI project APPLICATE successfully comes to an end: After more than 4 years of research, the European Union funded project APPLICATE (Advanced Prediction in Polar regions and beyond) was completed on April 30, 2021. In the project led by the AWI, a team of experts for weather and climate prediction  from over 15 research institutes examined the relationships between the Arctic and mid-latitudes. The aim of the project was to improve weather forecasts for the polar regions. More information about APPLICATE.

UNESCO Report cautions:

[03. May 2021] 

Ocean risks losing its ability to absorb carbon, exacerbating global warming. New Report published: “Integrated Ocean Carbon Research: A Summary of Ocean Carbon Knowledge and a Vision for Coordinated Ocean Carbon Research and Observations for the Next Decade” with contributions from AWI scientist Dr. Judith Hauck.

Nutrient Chemistry of the Arctic Ocean

Heincke-Expedition HE-408
[29. April 2021] 

AWI scientist Sinhué Torres-Valdés observed the nutrient chemistry of the Arctic Ocean on an expedition as part of the PEANUTS project (Primary production driven by Escalating Arctic NUTrient fluxeS). The SCRIPPS Institution of Oceanography led the expedition in 2018. The results have now been published in a paper in the journal Nature Communications. The PEANUTS project is funded by the Changing Arctic Ocean Program (CAO).

The Unexpected Success Story of a Sea-ice App

Rintu Daniel and Martin Schiller in Finland
[27. April 2021] 

When German coastal researchers head for the North Sea to measure the nutrient load in the water and, for the first time, whenever they use a scientific instrument, it is automatically recorded by an app, above all they’ll have the ingenuity of AWI sea-ice engineer Martin Schiller to thank for the new service. After taking part in a search operation in the Arctic, he developed FloeNavi, a system for navigating and locating measuring sites on sea ice. The AWI Computing Centre has since expanded the system’s most popular function into a separate app. Read more.

Photographs from the Arctic

Michael Gutsche und Antje Boetius vor einem Foto
[31. March 2021] 

Michael Gutsche has given the AWI three large-format photos on permanent loan. The photographer took the impressive nature photos during the Arctic expedition "MOSAiC". Together with AWI director Antje Boetius, Gutsche unveiled the photos at the institute's location in Bremerhaven. There they now adorn the walls in the foyer of building E and in the entrance area of buildings A / B / C. The images show, among other things, how quickly the weather conditions in the Arctic can change and how fragile this ecosystem is.