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Atmospheric research

Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock visits Palau Atmospheric Observatory

The research station provides important data for studying the atmosphere and ozone depletion over the polar regions

Bei einem Besuch hat sich Bundesaußenministerin Annalena Baerbock über die aktuelle Forschung am Palao Atmosphären-Observatorium informiert.
[11. July 2022] 

About 1400 kilometers east of the Philippines lies the archipelago of Palau in the West Pacific. Here, the air is particularly pure and low in pollutants - perfect conditions for studying the distribution of particles in the atmosphere and their influence on the climate worldwide. The Alfred Wegener Institute has been operating the Palau Atmospheric Observatory here since 2015, together with the University of Bremen, the Palau Community College and the Coral Reef Research Foundation. Now a delegation led by German Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock has visited the observatory and learned about the latest findings.

Seaweed Week in Bremerhaven

[Translate to English:] Grünalge
[23. June 2022] 

For the first time, the city will host events on algae research and innovations: the SeaStrains Workshop and the 11th International Seaweed Conference EU “Seagriculture”

Antarctica: coming to a postcode near you

Report of the Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research shows dramatic Antarctic change with global consequences

Icebergs in the bay of Rothera
[02. June 2022] 

Climate change is having significant impacts on life and nature in Antarctica. However, these changes do not stay in the south polar region, they have global impacts, right down to our own doorstep. This is shown by the new report of the Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research, which was presented by AWI ecophysiologist Hans-Otto Pörtner at the 44th Antarctic Treaty Consultative Meeting (ATCM) in Berlin.

Polarstern back in Bremerhaven

[Translate to English:] Polarstern in Bremerhaven
[30. May 2022] 

Polarstern returned to its home port of Bremerhaven on Sunday with the afternoon high tide after a successful Antarctic season. On board were 19 young scientists and experts, among others, who taught them the basics of marine research disciplines on the return transit from Antarctica.


Focus on Antarctica

44th Antarctic Treaty Conference in Berlin

44th ATCM
[24. May 2022] 

Since the Antarctic Treaty entered into force in 1961, representatives of the participating nations have met regularly for the Antarctic Treaty Consultative Meeting. The 44th ATCM, from 23 May till 2 June 2022, is being hosted by Germany in Berlin. The AWI presents the exhibition "Experience Antarctica" at ATCM. This shows the delegates Germany's achievements in the field of science and environmental protection in Antarctica.