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Research to continue on Arctic amplification and its global impacts

Collaborative Research Centre / Transregio 172 “Arctic Amplification (AC)³” renewed again

[27. November 2023]  The Collaborative Research Centre “Arctic Amplification: Climate Relevant Atmospheric and Surface Processes and Feedback Mechanism (AC)³” is to enter its third funding phase. From January 2024, the research network, which also includes the AWI will continue its ground-breaking work for another four years.

Coastal Research

German-Tunisian project to preserve the coastline

From the sunny south into the stormy North Sea weather

[Translate to English:] Projekt-Workshop auf Djerba
[14. November 2023]  Dwindling beaches on the Tunisian island of Djerba are the focus of a week-long workshop taking place at the Alfred Wegener Institute on Helgoland from 14 November. As part of the ORIENTATE project, 15 students and representatives of youth and tourism organisations from Tunisia will meet with their German colleagues.

One Planet - Polar Summit: New Ocean Decade Programme announced for Antarctica

[Translate to English:] Akta Bay
[10. November 2023]  In the context of the “One Planet - Polar Summit”, taking place on 8-10 November in Paris, France and hosted by the Paris Peace Forum, UNESCO announced the endorsement of a new major programme aimed at better understanding, protecting and sustainably managing the Southern Ocean and Antarctica in the framework of the UN Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development 2021-2030 (‘Ocean Decade’).

7th Copernicus Ocean State Report

New finding on the development of phytoplankton

AWI researchers contribute long-term study to the 7th Copernicus Ocean State Report

[19. October 2023]  A team of experts from the Alfred Wegener Institute’s Physical Oceanography working group and led by Hongyan Xi presented the results of a long-term study in the recently released 7th Copernicus Ocean State Report (OSR7). The satellite data analysed by the team shows that, for the majority of phytoplankton groups in the Atlantic Ocean, the quantity has barely changed over the past 20 years. 

Dynamics of Antarctic sea ice in the past

New study sheds light on sea ice-ocean-climate interactions about 18,000 to 11,000 years ago

IceCam aerial images of Antarctic sea ice
[16. October 2023]  The transition from the last glacial period to the current warm period was marked by major Antarctic climate warming and concomitant atmospheric CO2 rise at ~18,000–11,000 years ago, whose origin may lay in the Southern Ocean. A study by former AWI researcher Henrik Sadatzki reveals that the Antarctic sea ice cover declined substantially at the transition from the last glacial period to the current warm period, playing a key role in driving significant deglacial climate and atmospheric CO2 changes.