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Options for the sustainable future of coastal seas

Karen Wiltshire, vice director of Alfred Wegener Institute with mesocosm tanks.
[27. October 2022]  Challenges and opportunities for science in society: This is the motto of the "Sustainability Series" of the Royal Irish Academy in Ireland. AWI Vice Director and Head of AWI Sites Sylt and Helgoland, Karen Wiltshire, will give a keynote lecture on "Coastal Seas in the Fast Lane of Climate Change: Resilience and Adaptation for a Sustainable Future" at the event on October 27, starting at 6:30 pm.

Future emissions from ‘country of permafrost’

[Translate to English:] Kohlenstoff-Emissionen
[18. October 2022]  By the end of this century, permafrost in the rapidly warming Arctic will likely emit as much carbon dioxide and methane into the atmosphere as a large industrial nation, and potentially more than the U.S. has emitted since the start of the industrial revolution. More information on the findings of an international team inculding scientists from the Alfred Wegener Institute can be found in this press release by the Northern Arizona University...

'Urgent messages from global science leaders'

Plenary session "Urgent messages from global science leaders" at the Arctic Circle Assembly 2022
[15. October 2022]  AWI Director Antje Boetius participated in the plenary session Urgent messages from global science leaders at the Arctic Circle Assembly 2022 in Reykjavík yesterday. In the session, she pointed to the need for international action to avoid climate tipping points. The Arctic, she said, is the climate hotspot with global consequences. Scientific observations and assessments of this region are part of the solution. Other panel participants included Roberta Marinelli (NSF) and Dame Jane Francis (BAS). The event was moderated by IASC President Henry Burgess.

Analysis on Security Policy in the Arctic

Cold Response, exercise, NATO, arctic terrain, ice, snow, soldiers, army, long-range scout, airborne brigade 1, reconnaissance, equipment
[11. October 2022]  The German Arctic Office has compiled an analysis on the Security Policy in the Arctic, including contributions from the German Foreign Office, the German Ministry of Defense, and the German Institute for International and Security Affairs. With climate change, valuable resources are becoming accessible in the Arctic, and new shipping routes are opening up. This is rapidly changing the geopolitical situation, and interstate conflicts in the Arctic may arise. The new publication provides an outline as well as an outlook of the relevant topics here.