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Press release

Iceberg collides with the ice shelf edge near Neumayer Station III

[22. February 2010] 

Fragments of the Ross Ice Shelf, which drift past the edge of the Ekstrom Ice Shelf in Antarctica, have a long trip around the Antarctic continent behind them. Recently an iceberg collided with the ice shelf, dislodging a large chunk as well as causing extensive cracks of some distance in the ice shelf. Scientists of the Alfred Wegener Institute are expecting new and valuable insights with regard to ice physics.

Press release

New underwater experimental field off coast of Helgoland

[08. February 2010] 

Today scientists at the Center for Scientific Diving of the Biological Institute Helgoland start a project that is unique thus far for the North Sea: “MarGate”, an innovative underwater experimental field. In future, scientists want to acquire marine biology data with a high resolution in terms of time and space there by means of state-of-the-art sensor technologies. These data will then be available online via the Internet.

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Antarctica: Neumayer Station III successfully raised

[04. February 2010] 

Hydraulic lifting devices prevent Neumayer Station III from sinking in the ice. The snow and ice surface in the Antarctic grows continuously so the research station has to be raised annually. The construction concept and technology prove effective right from the beginning.

Press release

Private support organisation at Alfred Wegener Institute in Bremerhaven

[02. February 2010] 

The Institute established the organisation “Friends of the Alfred Wegener Institute for Polar and Marine Research” in 2009. All those interested can obtain information and support research financially and morally in the future.