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New AWI Study on Legacy Industrial Contamination in the Arctic Permafrost

When permafrost thaws, the Arctic could face massive problems from legacy industrial contamination and pollutants

[Translate to English:] Pipeline in Alaska
[04. April 2023]  A previously underestimated risk lurks in the frozen soil of the Arctic. When the ground thaws and becomes unstable in response to climate change, it can lead to the collapse of industrial infrastructure, and in turn to the increased release of pollutants. Moreover, contaminations already present will be able to more easily spread throughout ecosystems. there are at least 13,000 to 20,000 contaminated sites in the Arctic that could pose a serious risk in the future, AWI researchers now published in the journal Nature Communications.

Less Sea Ice, More Herring

Ancient DNA from the ocean floor reveals how climate change could fundamentally transform marine ecosystems in the Arctic

Storm in the Bering Sea
[27. March 2023]  Every year, the waters of the polar regions are still covered by sheets of ice for weeks or months on end. But this sea ice is increasingly disappearing due to climate change. A glimpse into our planet’s past now reveals the dramatic effects this can have for regional ecosystems: during the seasonal transition from ice-covered to ice-free conditions, the entire biotic community can change. This was the main conclusion arrived at by a team from the Alfred Wegener Institute in Potsdam, based on an analysis of ancient DNA from the ocean floor. These changes can also have consequences for fishing and the global climate, the experts warn in the journal Nature Communications.