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New aircraft for research – Polar 6 ready for first assignment in Antarctica

[28. October 2011] 

Today the new polar research aircraft Polar 6 will be presented in Bremerhaven, at the beginning of next week the Basler BT-67 will take off to the Antarctic. Its first job there will be to carry out measurements of the ice crust, which is up to several kilometres thick.

Press release

Polarstern launches 28th Antarctic season

[27. October 2011] 

On Friday, 28 October 2011 the research icebreaker Polarstern sets off on its 28th Antarctic expedition. Over 200 scientists and technicians from research institutions in 14 countries will take part in the five expedition legs.

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Indications from other end of the world: Scientists reconstruct Greenland’s climate history with the help of Antarctic ice cores

[26. October 2011] 

A distance of around 14,000 kilometres separates Greenland from Antarctica. Nevertheless, using climate data from Antarctic ice cores, an international team of researchers succeeded in reconstructing a curve for Greenland temperature changes that goes back 800,000 years into the past, thus enabling completely new insights into the climate history of Greenland and the North Atlantic.

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Russo-German exhibition about polar and marine research – Thomas Rachel, Parliamentary State Secretary for the Federal Minister of Education and Research, opens touring exhibition in St. Petersburg

[14. October 2011] 

On the 14th of October Thomas Rachel, the German parliamentary State Secretary for the Federal Minister of Education and Research, opened the exhibition „Vivid Exhibition – Focuses of the russo-german collaboration in the field of marine and polar research“ at the State University of St.Petersburg. The touring exhibition is part of the Russo-German year of Education, Science and Innovation 2011/2012 and will visit Berlin, Munich and Bonn within the next year. The exhibition is part of the close co-operation between Germany and Russia in the fields of marine and polar research, which has a long tradition.

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Young and thin instead of old and bulky: Researchers report on changes in Arctic sea ice after return of research vessel Polarstern

[06. October 2011] 

In the central Arctic the proportion of old, thick sea ice has declined significantly. Instead, the ice cover now largely consists of thin, one-year-old floes. This is one of the results that scientists of the Alfred Wegener Institute for Polar and Marine Research in the Helmholtz Association brought back from the 26th Arctic expedition of the research vessel Polarstern.