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International windjammer festival in Bremerhaven

Federal President Gauck opens Sail 2015

AWI director Karin Lochte guest of honour

[13. August 2015] 

Everything revolves around the Sail 2015 in Bremerhaven these days. Germany's Federal President Joachim Gauck opened the international windjammer festival - which happens every five years - on Wednesday 12 August. He took part in the "Sail-in" on board the historic polar research vessel Grönland (built in 1867) owned by the German Maritime Museum (Deutsches Schiffahrtsmuseum). AWI director Karin Lochte was a guest of honour.

Political Guest

Minister President Albig visits the AWI Helgoland

Experiments at Open Sea school laboratory

Minister President Albig at Helgoland. Photo: Staatskanzlei SH
[03. August 2015] 

The Minister President of the German federal state Schleswig-Holstein Torsten Albig visited Helgoland. During this year's summer trip he was guest at the Open Sea School laboratory of the Alfred Wegener Institute last Friday.

Antarctic sunrise

First sunrise for the Antarctic wintering team

Polar night finally ends after two months

Sonnenaufgang an Neumayer-Station III 2015
[29. July 2015] 

On July 27th  the members of the wintering team at the Antarctic Neumayer Station III have seen the sun for the first time since May 21st. The polar night officially ended on July 22nd in Atka Bay (geographic coordinates: 70°40´S, 008°16´W). But the wind blew with 20 metres per second (8 Beaufort) and snowfall prevented the nine-member crew from watching the sun rising after two months.

Political Guest

Argentinean ambassador visited the AWI Bremerhaven

Talks about the successful German-Argentinean cooperation in Antarctica

AWI-Direktorin Karin Lochte (l.) nutze den Besuch des argentinischen Botschafters Daniel Polski (r.), um mit ihm über die deutsch-argentinischen Forschungsprojekte an der Antarktischen Halbinsel zu sprechen.
[20. July 2015] 

The Argentinean ambassador in Germany, Daniel Polski, visited the AWI Bremerhaven today. In talks with AWI director Prof Dr Karin Lochte and several other AWI scientists the guest got to know more details about the institute itself and the long and successful German-Argentinean cooperation in Antarctica.

Call for action against climate change

Ban Ki-moon visits AWI research base

UN General Secretary caught up on the latest development of climate change

AWIPEV-Stationsleiterin Kathrin Lang erklärt UN-Generalsekretär Ban Ki-moon die Sonde zur Messung von meteorologischen Daten. (Foto: Shadé Barka Martins)
[10. July 2015] 

Together with AWI researchers Ban Ki-moon launched a radio-sonde. He was impressed by the balloon and the technical possibilities. In front of the glacier he called for action against the climate change.