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Antarctic Ocean

Revived oceanic CO2 uptake

Model calculations with climate data prove capacity

[10. September 2015] 

A decade ago scientists feared that the ability of the Southern Ocean to absorb additional atmospheric CO2 would soon be stalled. But the analysis of more recent observations show that this carbon sink reinvigorated during the past decade.

Young scientists

Summer School: Facing Natural Hazards

The Second international Potsdam Summer School will start on 14 September 2015

[10. September 2015] 

Major global challenges due to natural hazards are the focus of the second Potsdam Summer School, where 40 young professionals from 28 countries will meet with renowned scientists from Potsdam's Earth and Environmental Science institutions as well as with international experts.

27th International Cartographic Conference

Visualisation of the Invisible

AWI and TU Dresden’s Institute for Cartography present 3D map of Antarctica

3D-Visualisierung der Antarktis
[24. August 2015] 

The Alfred Wegener Institute, Helmholtz Centre for Polar and Marine Research (AWI) and the TU Dresden’s Institute for Cartography present their joint three-dimensional map of the Antarctic continent and the seafloor of the Southern Ocean at this year’s International Cartographic Conference in Rio de Janeiro.

Youth development

Scholarship holders finish their education

For ten months they have learnt standard methods of the marine science

[20. August 2015] 

Today the graduates of the Nippon Foundation-POGO Centre of Excellence say goodbye to the Alfred Wegener Institute. During the past ten months the international scholarship holders have learnt standard methods of the marine science.

West Antarctica

Most comprehensive projections for the future revealed

International study which involved the AWI is published in The Cryosphere

[19. August 2015] 

West Antarctica is one oft he fastest warming regions on Earth. An international team which involved the Alfred-Wegener-Institut researched which impacts the warming has. The new study is published in the current edition of The Cryosphere.