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Helmholtz Association promotes business start-ups

Outsourcing of Helgoland lobster breeding is one of four selected projects

[13. January 2016] 

The Biological Institute Helgoland of the Alfred Wegner Institute Helmholtz Centre for Polar and Marine Research (AWI) has been breeding lobsters for years and has developed a special hatchery system. The animals and their habitats have been extensively investigated.

Weather Forecast

AWI snow buoys provide important weather information from the North Pole

The buoys had measured the unusual temperature rise in late December

[06. January 2016] 

When the temperatures at the North Pole went to just above zero degrees Celsius at the end of December, not only the relatively warm temperatures of this region were unusual. The availability of weather data is not for granted but owed to the use of snow buoys, operated by the Alfred Wegener Institute Helmholtz Centre for Polar and Marine Research (AWI).


AWI's Friends' Association honours permafrost researcher for extraordinary achievements

Members of the Friends' Association honour the best young scientist and the best scientific publication of the year

AWI-Permafrostforscher Jens Strauss bei Feldarbeiten.
[17. December 2015] 

Permafrost researcher Dr Jens Strauss, AWI Potsdam, was awarded "Young Scientist 2015".  With this award the chairmen of the Friends' Association acknowledge the researcher's outstanding achievements in his dissertation. 

Climate Protection Conference COP21

This Agreement will initiate a Technology Shift

AWI climate scientist Hans-Otto Pörtner - Statement on the Paris Agreement

[14. December 2015] 

This agreement will initiate a technology change, which includes the increasing farewell to fossil fuels and the transition to sustainable management. With these words, AWI researcher Hans-Otto Pörtner commented on the conclusion of the first global climate protection agreement in Paris.

Central Antarctica

Why are there no signs of Inland Antarctica warming up?

For the first time Bremen scientists investigate the special role of CO2 in detail

[09. December 2015] 

The mean temperature of the Earth's surface has risen noticeably  over the past decades. This warming is to a large extent due to the anthropogenic emissions of CO2 that amplify the natural greenhouse effect. Observations show, however, that there has been hardly or almost no increase in the surface temperature of inland Antarctica over the same period.