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Minister of Environment visits AWIPEV station

AWI Director Lochte and scientists give information on their research in Svalbard

[14. July 2016] 

Germans Federal Minister of Environment Barbara Hendricks visits Svalbard to get first hand information on climate change. Together with Karin Lochte and scientists from the Alfred Wegener Institute Helmholtz Centre for Polar and Marine research (AWI) she discusses global warming, which affects the Arctic particularly fast and heavily.

Sea-ice modelling

Researchers simulate the emergence of leads in sea ice

The success now allows the modelling of the heat fluxes between the ocean, ice and the atmosphere

Der Wind hat ein Eisfeld auseinander getrieben und eine Fläche offenen Wassers geschaffen. Dessen Oberfläche gefriert sofort wieder, wie die weißen Schlieren verraten. Sie entstehen, wenn der Wind lose Eiskristalle verweht.
[14. July 2016] 

Scientists from the Alfred-Wegener-Institute (AWI) and the University of Hamburg have succeeded in realistically simulating the emergence of large channels in the Artic sea-ice in a computer model. Two approaches were decisive for this success: On the one hand, the researchers had increased the spatial resolution of the FESOM AWI sea-ice ocean model. On the other hand, they were able to improve the numerical solution to the equation so that the simulation of the lead formation holds up well when compared to real sea-ice satellite data. They reported this success in a study that appeared online in the professional journal, Geophysical Research Letters.

Marine Litter

Tracking marine litter in the Arctic from the air

For the first time, AWI scientists are using high-resolution photos from a multicopter to detect floating litter.

[12. July 2016] 

On the current Polarstern expedition, scientists from the Alfred Wegener Institute have deployed a multicopter with a high-resolution camera to quantify marine litter floating on the sea surface. The deep-sea researchers had recorded a marked increase of man-made litter on the Arctic seafloor over the last ten years. That was the reason to now start the programme for the quantitative analysis of waste-entry on the sea surface.


Heinz Miller to receive the 2016 SCAR Medal for International Coordination

Prof. Heinz Miller
[21. June 2016] 

Prof. Heinz Miller from the Alfred Wegener Institute has been selected to receive the 2016 SCAR Medal for International Coordination. He "has an outstanding breadth of expertise and scientific contribution across glaciology, geophysics and applications to ice core research", writes the Commitee.


AWI Scientist Antje Boetius honoured

[20. June 2016] 

Professor Antje Boetius, Alfred Wegener Institute, was elected as Fellow of the European Academy of Sciences. Furthermore, she will be awarded the Goldschmidt Medal 2016 due to be presented in Japan.