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Ocean Acidification

A strong case for limiting climate change

BIOACID concludes after eight years of extensive research on ocean acidification

Heincke-Expedition HE-408
[25. October 2017] 

In November 2017, the German research network on ocean acidification BIOACID (Biological Impacts of Ocean Acidification) reaches its conclusion after eight years of extensive interdisciplinary scientific activity.

Earth observation

In the right place at the right time

The Helmholtz Association is setting up a flexible, mobile measuring system for Earth observation

Symbolbild Klimamodellierung
[13. September 2017] 

Over the next five years, nine research centres of the Helmholtz Association will collaborate to create a flexible, mobile measuring system for Earth observation: MOSES – Modular Observation Solutions for Earth Systems.


Potsdam Summer School Explores the Future of Cities

International exchange on the sustainability of human environments

Gebleichtes Riff
[29. August 2017] 

The rapid pace of change around the world is presenting humankind and human environments with tremendous challenges. What strategies can we employ to future-proof our cities in the age of climate change? Experts will discuss these issues at the Potsdam Summer School.


Federal Cross of Merit for Karin Lochte

Appreciation for her outstanding professional and private engagement

Karin Lochte wurde mit dem Bundesverdienstkreuz ausgezeichnet
[16. August 2017] 

AWI Director Prof. Dr. Karin Lochte has been awarded the Federal Cross of Merit on August 16 in Berlin. With this honor Federal President Frank-Walter Steinmeier appreciates the outstanding professional und private work of Karin Lochte.


Antarctic biologists meet in Belgium

Zwölftes biologisches Symposium von SCAR, dem Wissenschaftskomitee der Antarktisforschung

[10. July 2017] 

Antarctic scientists from all over the world meet in Leuven, Belgium, from July 10th to 14th. “Scale matters” is the overarching theme of the 12th biology symposium organized by SCAR, the Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research. From the small molecular scale, through population and large ecosystem scale, biological processes and diversity span all these levels, and the contributions are accordingly variable.